Chimpanzees will finish women in this town

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The Scene: [MEDIA=telegram]nairobianofficial/986[/MEDIA]

“I told you; another morning, another body.” These were the words that came out of my mouth last night. Now I’ve received the news of Passy Nyambura Mwangi’s death. Her lifeless body was discovered floating in a dam near the Unilever Factory Mabrouk, dressed only in a bra and inner clothes. The rest of her clothes were found in a different dam, approximately 4 kilometers away. Upon retrieval of her body, officers estimated that she was 3 to 4 months pregnant.

Two suspects have already been summoned in connection with the murder: Passy’s former husband and the man she had married after leaving him. Her former husband, with whom she had a child, had been pressuring her to return to him, but she had refused. According to family and friends, there had been several arguments between the two, as he did not want another man raising his child.

Passy was only 25 years old, and her untimely death has left her loved ones devastated. However, the police from Tigoni Police Station seemed to treat the scene casually, as they picked up the body and left without interrogating the first people who saw the body floating. It is possible that someone may have seen something, and it is my hope that this family will receive the justice and closure they deserve.

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