Chilling with My Pops

Im very proud to listen to my pops say hakuna kuanza 1-0 aka kuoa singo matha also insisting on a minimum of 5 years age cap and must not beyond age of 27 and how to detect Kungurus. Very proud indeed hadi nmeshuku ama ako KTALK :D:D:D:D:D:D went on to point out a few BETA MALES FROM THE VILLAGE had me in laughter almost falling from the seat.

Ata mbicha ya busaa mkiogea hii Maneno ngumu hivo? Ama unakula jaba na jontez yule mwisi

Huyu msee story zake zooooote ukuwanga vako tuu

Na bado Pops hajaona vile his young lad mangas married women hapo Rwaka??? Tuambie jina yake tumtumie some of your posts here.

Kufyeka married women and marrying a singo matha are two different things hen time is rip I will look for 24 year old who is done with hoephase and wife her

No difference son. Both to me are the same evil. You say you are in your early twennies…why bed a married woman? while we have many young ngeos?

Young women have high sexual market value, he cannot compete with Alphas. His resort is lonely post wall married women who have proven to be an easy lay

Mimi mzae nikimpea crate ya Tusker na a mzinga of his choice I consider us even. That’s all he appreciates for Xmas.

You guys contradict yourselves so much it is difficult to keep up. All one needs is to play the field smartly but don’t lose focus on clinching one young girl with intentions of marrying her. Na mtoke Tinder in 2021 and meet them ngeos huko nje.

Do you drink with your dad?

Mimi personally I hunt in worship places and social gathering like hiking, team building etc and age is 18-24 yrs. Marriage is a no for me, I get bored easily I cannot afford waking up seeing one fcuking face first thing in the morning for the rest of my life

I will personally look for your dad and report to him how you have been destroying people’s marriages by sleeping with their wives.

Do you intend to be a hunter forever?


Si umesema unanunulia yeye fombe

What I would wish for young KT bachelors is to make up their own minds up and quit with the sheeple mentality. Hizo vikwazo huwa mnajiwekea ati she has to look a certain way, be a specific age group etc is all false. And the fact that she should be reliant on you financially only means one thing…recipe for disaster…
Am not a relationship guru but it saddens me to see most of you heeding the wrong advice from married men hapa hapa. They are unhappy in their marriages but they are there and have born kids already…how can you be bored of waking up to the same face if you have not even tried it?

Senior elders need to counsel young men against going after married women. Not necessarily for protecting the sanctity of marriage, but for security reasons.

Most men have a oneitis syndrome, as well as aggressive mate guarding strategies. These guys can easily kill both you and the woman if they find the wife cheating on them. A man who engages women with a scarcity mentality, is most certainly an insecure man who can do lots of damage.

Eating someone’s wife is in the list of things called ‘A thousand ways to die’.

It is heavily documented that only fools learn from experience…now if a wise experienced man dissuades a young man from such toxic entanglement as marriage and the young one ignores this only to live miserably…who do we blame?

Yeah. Nampelekea home ajipange nazo. He usually drinks with his friends pole pole.