Chilli Farming

I love chillies (peppers) and therefore I was thinking why not make my 'Love for Chillies into a “SELLABLE PRODUCT”… Why do I mean? I have planted passionately ‘Bullet’, ‘long cayanne’ & currently after 11 years I got ‘Scotch Bonnet’ Variety… Who may have ideas on the market value for the aforementioned products…? Thanks in advance…

Other farming products that I have been looking at include Cheese, livestock farming (dorper sheep, goat, cows), spice farming… Any information will be welcomed… Thanks in advance…

Enroll for a farming course probably at Egerton, Thread closed.


Can share seeds of the mention plants

I dunno the varieties you have listed, but the last time I looked at the mathematics of some variety of chillie or the other. The returns came to about 300k per acre per 3 months if you are growing for export. But to meet the certification standards demanded by the EU needed an investment that was in excess of 1 million for each acre. And at least 3 acres minimum to cushion yourself from devastating loses should a harvest be rejected. (having only 1 acre means a rejected cycle could have you staring at 6 months with no income). So for the 3 acres on rotation you would be netting 300k per month.
Assuming no hiccups you should break even within 1 year. And enjoy profits in subsequent years.

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Very possible…

At a cost or free

On this topic, does anyone know an effective way of keeping birds off an open farm? I have very passionate long-tailed chilly and hoho eaters from the bush. They enjoy young beans too. Scarecrows don’t seem to work very well.

Thanks for the information.

Hizi ndege ni ghasia sana walinikulia spinach zangu zote.

Wanakuwa mashetani sana hao mikia mirefu wakiland a whole flock, esp. masaa ya jioni. Lakini nimeambiwa ukifunga some lengths of stretched old tapes from audio or video cassettes (or a similar thing) over the crops it helps. The vibration of the tapes when shaken by the wind scares them.

Speckled mouse bird. Huyu mjamaa akiamulia fruits zako utapenda. Ripe mangoes, pawpaws, guava, loquats name them. [ATTACH=full]337283[/ATTACH]

Asian market would be a great opening for you, but the chinese preference is called CHAOTIAN CHILLI. For bullet its very popular with the Indians, even locals. How about approaching indian restaurants around parklands which do koroga (eg. spice roots, mystique gardens, gymkhana gardens and some others am forgeting along General Mathenge Drive) and also big hotels which offer indian cuisine.

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Try that kite that looks like a hawk.

Thank you. I’ll get one

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Kwetu wamejaa proper. I love watching birds though so I don’t mind them