There’s this memory about my childhood,I happened to talk to my younger brother(high schooler on half term) on phone and it just popped into our convo.For those mlizaliwa hapa R.valley you can relate.It was December holidays and kila mtu alikua home .This is 9yrs ago.I was still in primary school.I was the eldest and had two young brothers.On this day we went out kuchunga ngombe na kondoo kama kawaida.After kulisha ngombe tukapeleka mtoni kama kawaida na tukaanza kucheza ball…Ilikua ka tradition tunacheza ball hadi tuchoke then tuswim.That day tumefika kwa mto mimi na my 2 brothers tukaanza kucheza ball na after kitu 20 minutes some two kids from neighborhood wakatujoin.Ngombe zilikua na hizi bells so unajua ni kina nani wanenda mto saa flani…I knew all the neibourhood bells za ngombe.We played ball hadi kitu 3pm then tukaanza kuswim…Mimi nlikua najua kiswim but my brothers walikua wale wa kucheza na maji tu…Mimi na neighbourhood kids wawili Iso na Kevo tukaswim for like an hour…Mabro walikua side ya chini ju place tunaswim ilikua deep kiasi…Kidogo tunaskia nduru kutoka nje ya maji we meet almost 20 white faced people “torusiek” kwa wenye wanajua…Adrenaline ikanishw nikimbie ju we had heard stories about them and hii ilikua first time kuwaona .Mimi nikakimbia and so my brothers followed me…We were stark naked 5boys running…Tulikimbia hadi almost home so kuna barabara tunafaa kucross before home.We fuckin crossed the road naked tukaingia kwa mahindi and forced our way hadi home…Kufika almost home nikatuma bro mdogo aendee nguo zetu.Akakubali akaenda kutuletea hapo tukavaa kwa mahindi pia nikapea Iso na Kevo nguo zangu wavae ndio wafike kwao then watarudisha.Kumbe my mum alikua ametuona tukikam akasaka those cypress sticks she used to beat us with…She played all cool akatuambia twende kitchen tukule food iko :smiling_face: hapo…My brothers in tow we went to kitchen with plates tukajiserve tukaanza kukula…10minutes into kukula mum anakuja kama amelock mlango.SHE WHIPPED our asses like hell…Mum was a great whipper akikuchapa umshinde utapata amekuuma ama ametoa mwiko akuchape nayo…Hiyo beating hadi wa leo remains to be the best beating i had in my childhood…Mum alituchapa na akasema jioni anataka kuona nguo tulikua tumevaa kwenda mtoni

hehe i cam also relate to this but sasa mine was kitambo… the torusiek walitokea out of the blues tukioga mtoni and started chasing us butt naked … mimi nilikua mtoi wa cerelac sasa hao tarusiek walikua like ghost/monsters in white.
ustake jua venye nilipiga nduru jamii nzima came gathering thinking someone was dead. this was around 2002 pale nandi county


alafu did you go through the same passage ama wewe ni " kapchimi"

:D:D:DSome words are better left not said…

explain priss!, ni ghost ama nini?

Not a ghost…Boys facing the knife…I bet you’ve heard or seen how they are in R valley

You were all adopted.

boys who were in the forest during that initiation period approximately a month or so. they do wear animal skin that is goat, cow or sheep as clothing. they apply white clay on the faces and the limbs so they basically looking white.

:D:D:D:D:D minus the “torusiek” , I can relate running home butt naked from the river .

Nop…it was her way of discipline :):slight_smile:

:D:D:Dwould love to see you “but naked”



Explain further. How did the day start?

Can relate.

[ATTACH=full]159059[/ATTACH] We celebrate our mums. My kids are rarely beaten, wife prefers those white nonsense sijui timeout. But so far so good, they are within their limits both behaviour wise and academically.

Oh well,I was around 9 yrs old and my brother,his friends and I decided to go for a dive in the nearby river. I had just learnt how to swim and it seemed like a good idea.

So off we went, stripped down to our inner wears and jumped into the warm clear water… My favorite spot was a black rock on the middle of the river and I lay there staring at the clouds as the cool water swiftly flowed over me…The current was not so strong so I was safe. The boys were busy splashing and diving while suddenly we had a shrill voice ordering us out of the water. It was our nosey neighbour carrying our clothes. Tulitoka mbio and in my bid to swim away my panties which had a loose elastic started sagging, by the time nifike kwa edge I didn’t have it…

"Wooi! ******** Ona we wì haha? She screamed.( You are also here?)

I panicked and ran away. That evening we got a whooping which nearly made me think we were adopted kids.

I never found my panties…:smiley: I think the tendency of loosing them started that early.:oops:

I never ran home butt naked, but countless times my dad beat hell out of my younger brother and I for leaving his shop unattended and going ‘swimming’ in a local stream with other local boys…Man, those ‘swimming’ escapades were pure crazy fun…how on earth could I be left out? No amount/intensity of lashing would stop me.