Child killer 13yo Aiden Fucci had drawings of women with red exes on their breasts and genitals

This story keeps getting worse as more revelations come to light this is a class 8 student equivalent. Why violent tendencies toward women? Btw his friends are the same. One wrote on a live that a guy should not have to stab a girl 114 times to get pussy, girls should give up pussy easier. These are 14 yo boys what about when they are 20? Girls have to be careful, misogyny is at an all time high. It’s even better to associate only with girls and completely keep off boys. The male classmates were blaming her for being out at night and saying that she brought this on herself. Of course I know how horrible men have gotten since the advent of these entitled online men’s rights movements but damn 14 is too young to be this toxic. Unfortunately teens are not not as adept as adults in steering clear of toxic men and seeing men and or boys for what they really are, monsters cloaked in promises of love, friendship and adventure. Another girl 14 also met a man online and went to meet him, immediately he asked her for sex, when she declined to, he shot her and ran her over with his car, she’s now confined to a wheelchair. The degree of violence against women and children is escalating to alarming levels. The only solution remaining for women and girls is don’t deal with men and or boys unless it’s completely unavoidable. It’s either you steer clear of these diabolic creatures or you are murdered like an animal. If Ivy never entertained Kinuthia she’d still be alive today. She should have blocked him completely from day 1 and report him for stalking her if he drove to her campus to hell with childhood friend. How will you be friends with someone who wants to possess you against your will? Men have become too dangerous. It’s now all about blocking and carrying serious weapons to defend your life. It’s war, I’m telling you. Even me at my age, I have a very sharp knife in my office. Who knows when I will need it. Being attacked by someone 5 times stronger. This world is not a safe place for women and even for children. You can see how some man killed 12 kids just for the fun of it. What kind of a world where Predators are everywhere and they’re all men. Let’s just be really careful and warn kids about trusting people even those they know.


[SIZE=7]Deputies: Aiden Fucci’s notebook full of ‘violent,’ ‘satanic’ drawings[/SIZE]
The report says the drawings had satanic themes, including a pentagram, as well as violent depictions of women.
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Author: First Coast News Staff, Casey Feindt
Published: 2:00 PM EDT July 14, 2021
Updated: 7:54 PM EDT July 14, 2021
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Warning: The details in this story are disturbing
Disturbing new details are coming to light after a massive document release pertaining to the Aiden Fucci murder investigation.
Fucci, 14, is accused of stabbing Durbin Crossing neighbor and Patriot Oaks Academy classmate Tristyn Bailey to death on Mother’s Day of 2021 in St. Johns County.

According to a recently obtained incident report, SAPD located a notebook belonging to Aiden Fucci during the execution of a search warrant that included “drawings of violent nature.”
The report says the drawings had satanic themes, including a pentagram, as well as violent depictions of women.
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One of the drawings appeared to show a female with red exes over her breasts and genitals, as well as what appeared to be severed arms with blood coming out, the incident report says.
Photographs were taken of the drawings by police.
Among the documents were the Medical Examiner’s findings which concluded that Bailey was stabbed 114 times. Thirty-five of the wounds were to her head and neck, the report states. The other wounds were to her torso, chest, back and upper extremities, the report states.
This information is part of a massive document release. First Coast News is going through those documents and will provide updates on our website as the information is processed by our investigative team.
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Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, has also been charged in connection to the case. She’s accused of tampering with evidence for allegedly washing out her son’s bloodstained jeans. She has also pleaded not guilty.
According to police, Fucci stabbed Tristyn 114 times. The case was initially reported as a missing person case, and Fucci was questioned in that investigation. Police say he told investigators he got into a fight with Tristyn and pushed her forcefully to the ground, where she hit her head.
Fucci’s next court appearance, a pretrial hearing, is set for July 28 after his attorney filed a written not-guilty plea.

First of all, put the knife in your purse. Its with you at all times. Also consider modernizing. You watch crime movies so you know. Tasers, etc are more effective. Sometimes with a knife, you cant get into position…