Child Birth Is Brutal

if possible , soma the whole thread…


Weko wapi watu wa 'The Wall, bla bla bla '.

madaktari tafadhali wakuje watuambie what killed her & why she had 'bags in her overies ’ … What does that even mean ?

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For those who don’t know, until mtoi afike 1 year both the mother and baby are in grave danger

There’s a reason why Ob/Gyn is one highly litigious specialty. A lot can go wrong with mom and baby so if you’re a doc, you have to be a quick thinker at all hours of the day or night. If it’s a CS, many things can go wrong outside of mom and baby’s pre-existing conditions. From the anesthesia, mom could bleed out and die, the baby could have respiratory complications…It’s possible to lacerate the colon, bladder and other organs. The placenta can ‘refuse’ to separate (bad!). Another situation that we always think of and pray it doesn’t happen due to how catastrophic it is, is called amniotic fluid embolism. It’s basically a clot made up of fetal contents circulating in mom’s heart-deadly stuff. For something that we’ve been doing for the longest time which is, birthing babies, it’s crazy that we haven’t nailed the whole process. Medicine has come a long way but maternal and child mortality is still unacceptably high.

Dr Yusuf (Sunday Nation columnist) in his biography says that he was a very staunch Muslim, he even went to Mecca. But the sights of innocent young children dying in the hospital beds made him to eventually lose his faith.

Inahusiana nini na hii fala?

Bringing children to this world is complex and noble. Mothers should be honored, and not reminded of that shit called the wall day in, day out.

This is sheer manipulation. I can’t bulge in to societal manipulation. I think you are easily manipulated when your woman throws tantrums by crying and nagging. It is their nature.
It’s nature defining its laws during the birth process. As Murphy law states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Never thought I would live to read anything this retarded. Wewe unajua wanawake kweli?

UPUSS!!!..Nature doesn’t care,in every situation iko wale watamezwa na bad luck but the majority survive and thrive .Slay kwin doctors should never take pictures of patients without the patient s consent.

Wacheni kutusumbua hapa. If it was that dangerous then bonobos wouldn’t be giving birth left right and centre.

Ati ghaseer inapose mbele ya camera ikilia…jeenger kabisa.

Watu wazae kama Eve wakipambana na coomer zao pole pole ili washike adabu. 63 billion of us have been born since humanity became humanity anyways. What’s special about that?

like that woman , does getting kids late in life increase chances of a woman have complications during birth ?

I would like to know how many deaths were recorded before wazungus gave us hospitals

I rarely heard a woman dying kwa nyumba while giving birth huko kakamega

But i have seen several cases of mothers dying at kakamega general hospital

I don’t know about mothers but infant mortality rates among the Kikuyu were so high that babies wouldn’t be named until their 4th or 5th birthday.
The order of naming children in Kikuyu is extremely important because we name children after our relatives. First son is named after grandpa from fathers side. Second son is grandpa from mom’s side. If you name one too soon and they die then it will upset the order when you rename the subsequent son after the grandpa from father’s side

Infant mortality was high

But maternal deaths weren’t that high

Is it the training the health practioners undergo or could it be that women have become “weaker”

There’s this ob/gyn who did a lot of mission work in Mozambique that was narrating to us his experiences working there. They would start rounds in the morning and the first report was how many deaths had occurred overnight. It wasn’t an insignificant number either. For example, every night they would lose about 10 patients, moms and babies. Without missing a beat, they would move on to the day’s activities. No major debriefing, nothing! There’s so much that can be done to improve safety and reduce mortality. Simple things like oxytocin for mom to reduce bleeding. Oxygen and cpap machines for kids. Blood bank. IV antibiotics.

Of course! Big time.