Chicken pox in Adults

For the health professionals and informed cartel in the village. Can anyone suggest Home remedies for chicken pox. Been applying the pink lotion and taking anti histamine tabs but still no relief. I’m told in adults it’s quite dangerous… Help if you can

Dr @Luther12

Una survive aje. Beste yangu hakua anatoka keja

It’s a viral infection, no known treatment. Just symptomatic relief. And yes, in an adult inakuwanga balaa. Seclude yourself usi-spread infection kwa wengine. And yes, a vaccine exists.

How much is the vaccine for adults and where can I get it.

It’s not routine in gov’t facilities, one would have to make enquiries in private facilities.

Have a stoney soda bath. It works magic!

Really? Does it work?

Calamine lotion… Cold shower… Avoid scratching the pox… Otherwiss utabaki na alama kama chui


Ukipata sema hapa

You only get chickenpox once in your life, right?

hehe aende kwa depot aitishe crate mzima ya stoney only

Wrong. Whenever your immunity is suppressed for whatever reason (poor nutrition, stress, medication, other illnesses) it’ll erupt. Only this time we’ll call it Herpes Zoster and it’ll exhibit a dermatomal pattern.

Unajua ile dawa ya purple punda za Kinare zinapakangwa inaitwa ji-vi(sp)?

Polka dots lazima


Chicken pox ni once, hiyo ingine sio chicken pox.its whatever ur calling it

:eek::eek::eek:i thought heerpes zioster ni STI/D

:D:D:Dthis was the basic med utapakwa enzi hizo. does it still exist

That’s Herpes Simplex type II. They both, along with others like CMV etc, belong to the same family of viruses: Herpesviridae.

Key word is the causative organism.