chichiman in Kenya

Jambazi ni nini ulikuwa unatafuta ndio ufike Kwa hizi video. Ama umeamua 2020 utangaze msimamo na kutoka Kwa closet.

Unachunishwa cabbage na @Sokwe mtu

Wizi ume ona haileti kakitu ukaamua kuuza mkundu. Kazwa kabisa ni yako no one cares.

Haujaambia our resident neck stretcher,sticky fingers, gun totting thug vizuri bana,ile kijana ni straight kama spaghetti:D:D:D

@Jimit punguza kutombwa mkundu hapo kisumu ukiuza kunyi

The wages of sin is death. But the gift of the lord is eternal life

Do not cast your vices on me douche bag.

From those videos above one can see that I was very right when I said recently that njaruos are serious and very aggressive homosexuals. That is how HIV spread in the Luo nation like wildfire. And they don’t circumcise so the virus hides in the smegma. Be careful of these njaruos like @magreb who go out fishing for 3 weeks on L. Victoria. 5 men in one boat and they come back smiling.

You will find a young njaruo like @Jimit destroying an older njaruo like @Swansea in the anus sphincter until swansea loses consciousness and control of his bowels. Then they later spread the virus to their wives whom they don’t really love.

Luhyas from the Wanga community e.g @Abba are also very aggressive homosexuals. They were taught by the Arabs who befriended the innocent Nabongo Mumia and destroyed his anus sphincter one evening. They left him dazed and confused in his mud hut palace.

The Nabongo looks confused even in this picture below as he awaits to collaborate with the British colonialist. Notice the white muslim head gear left there by his muslim lover.


Una ujinga ya ajabu:D


Nyanyako… don’t disrespect my ancestor like that…humbwer hii

You are a weird fellow.

Very weird woman


nigga why u hatting on luos

these are ppl with issues and poor parenting…

Ni kama ameanza kuoga hii festive season, you know what happens to spaghetti when it gets wet :smiley:

Kumbe mwizi ni battalion ya kuchunishwa sukuma

Haha, noma sana