Chelsea have now scored 100 goals


And the BLUE army marches on…

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huyu ni schurle naona kwa no 5

And the blue army grinds to a halt on saturday…

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Lol we only need to win 3 of our remaining games and we are champions

Its never over till the fat lady sings you could still lose 3 of the games and draw the other 3

Highly unlikely for a team that has only lost 2 games

you are most likely to win the league but this chelsea side ain’t special it just that other challengers have been piss poor ala post suarez liverpool ,city not showing up ,united taking time to get the philosophy & arsenal being arsenal

It was intereting to note Arsenal have the same points as they did at the same point last season, it isn,t Arsenal who have improved, true it’s Liverpool and Man City who have regressed.The only improvement is in Man Utd.

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