Can’t relate while listening to Madilu’s vocals.

That’s a total loser. Should be culled before he harms productive members of society.

Poverty is never an excuse of substance abuse. Unless it’s mental poverty.

He must not be let to procreate.

Hii ni kitu hunishinda kabisa. Sijawahi elewa. How old is this man? Is it wrong to have money? Is it fun to be from a poor background? Why do some poor youth roister in their delinquency and misery? Why does it seem as if they feel good “showing off” their irresponsibility?

:D:Dmost probably from a single mother like @T.Vercetti . Utapata the dad is a respected guy like mwangi kiunjuri who screwed the mom then 17 at the back of his merc dry fry, unleashing to us this m’ngich chokosh

Heheee… That is oddly specific.

The TB will finish this mungich. Amekohoa karibu akufe

Naona you have started copying my style. :rolleyes:

Huwezi kuwa original ukuje na style yako?

That is the problem with 8-4-4. It breeds copycats instead of original, independent thinkers.

Mtu wa 8-4-4 akiona mtu amefungua cyber iko na gaming hata yeye anafungua the same business right opposite the first guy. Inabaki wote wawili wamesota.

Badala afungue chips and juice ndio watoi wakicheza game wananunua chips na juice au soda.

Fcuk 8-4-4 underachievers and copycats.

Homosexual naona uko busy sana.

Tombwa mbwa Koko wewe

Enda ukaoshe hizo matako zako 130kg. Najua saa hii zimesweat juu umetembea tembea ukiwasha jiko ya kuchoma mitura. Filthy swine.

Kijana imekohoa pancreas :D:D:D:D amechanganya dawa ya asthma na changaa na shash juu yake. Enyewe poverty ni state of mind

Certified retarded homosexual wa Seattle niaje? Umelala kweli?

Ona copycat mwingine.

8-4-4 dunderhead. Zero originality. Na ati alipata B plus.

Just curious what system did you do?

the enviroment is an excuse then

Hapo ni kunywa ng’ang’o tu
Izo talent za ghetto zinahitaji maombi

Glorifying poverty breeds more poverty. Some of these songs they release are just trash and below export quality. Not songs a person from Moyale can buy…it only sells in Eastlands.