Cheki Maneno: Vipingo Ridge

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Little bits of magic in that 32km loop.
11 Enduro stages
Vipingo Ridge on the Kenyan Coast!

16-17 December 2017
@Gio you have to be here

Sionangi fun iko wapi MTU mkUMBWA akiendesha baisikeli


@Meria Mata …Do they have a family friendly trail?
Not all of us are made for Enduro . :slight_smile:

yes its there


Sande!Gotta look for @Gio for training.:slight_smile:

Hi @pseudonym …pass my regards to kasigau…you know what I mean

Hakuna maji Msa…

vipingo ridge iko kilifi

Msa wanaosha teargas na nini?


It’s TT season, jembe ya 55T iende sana

Hey sugar, kuja twende training kisha tushuke for off-road

I will be yours the whole of November…I hope that is enough time for training.:slight_smile:

Will be a pro by the time we are through ;);):wink:

Mimi napenda…

was searching for something on OLX then stumbled upon this. But why that shape