Cheki maneno reinvented .

offlate in ujeru i have noticed pple wa cheki maneno wamebadilisha muenendo, siku hizi wanatumia hiii.


it’s called an electronic e-scooter

Randy meffi naona wewe pia you are one becoming village sponsor leo…this is an insult to my high IQ
Ktalk to the dogs

:D:D:D:D… handle yako ya kitambo ni gani? Or maybe you aint shit unaona kibet apo juu na handle ya mpya venye amesonga.

Hii bike Looks more expensive for Mass production compared to the high end cheki maneno.

Me natambua Ile baiskili ya zamani ilikuwa inaitwa Raleigh.

What does it do?

And for that reason ,am out

The picture is self explanatory bro

mimi nilisema sitakuwa na respond 2 these handle changers. Mtu ali-join juzi but knows the A-Z of every villager. F’ck that …It is an old talker who does’nt have the nerve to insult/attack u using his/her original handle so switches to the new one and spews matusi. Usipoteze wakati nao.

Funny thing is that this is an incognito website but mtu anaona ajifiche with a new handle. Pple have psychological issues up in here. I tell u. Lakini siri of busting them ni fuatilia sana those handles that like their comments/insults…utapata one or two older talkersalways liking their comments…need i say more? if u know, u know.

That’s how i busted mzee mzima .

Available for preorder at about 3500 USD.

$3800 is too much if they also argue that it is cheaper to produce because of fewer parts. This is how viable, good alternatives fail.

I hope they will licence the patent to Chinese manufacturers or big bike makers i am sure price will reduce significantly.

jovinho na vile una handle mingi. kuna wakati ulikuwa unazi unleash kila wiki mkipimana nguvu na ktalk ceo.

Na mkitukanana na mluhya wa kayole in your early battles.

Thats a whole probox baba

It takes a thief to catch the other