Cheki Maneno Part 3...biking clubs

Since @The.Black.Templar said he cant find company to ride with that why he always rides alone and TWO villagers here walisema Kenyans are too busy earning a living to consider riding as a hobby…well i have done comprehensive research and here are my finding…

No person need to ride alone…(please click on the links…they are fully verified)

Facebook groups

North Nairobi cycle club has a amateur ride almost every weekend on the suburbs on a pre agreed route…and anyone who is free joins…ive ridden with them twice…young and old

Now you know

there is this app that can maps cycle/bike trails

Grace Msalame…Empowering Cheki Manenos one post at a time :p:p


i endorse this message

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akanyal click donge clit

weka cheki maneno basi :slight_smile:

FYI, I come a cross many lone bikers as well on the fury road

kalal doni anesti NKT!



@The.Black.Templar try that mapmyride application next time you go riding

hi @msalame grace

Were you caught over speeding?

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mimi sio jaluo,kubaff

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Dude what happened? you are not posting any new ‘cheki manenos’ of late

I never use data apps while on those excursions to save on power…that phone is usually my back-up, mpesa and emergency calls bana, so I don’t think I will be trying any map my ride apps any time soon!

That is usually a major worry…lakini alikuwa anaangalia ni ya CC ngapi hehe

aaah been kinda busy bana…but cheki maneno will be back soonest!

hehe maro kana ruatch, ARATCH! and you can take that to the bank

Thats why you need to buy a power bank

It’s not an app…sorry bits it’s a website where you can view the most popular biking routes and times posted and you can try out new ones that you didn’t know

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I’ve seen for most of those out of town biking meets…they charge 2,500 if you have your own bike and hire one for 1000 if you are Bila…it includes transport to and fro, lunch/snacks, water, guide and security fees, and emergency medical attention…pick up and drop off is at Hilton bata shop…quite a fair price I must say ama?

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cool. I will try it out then…:slight_smile:

its actually fair…so you have your own bike ama you hire?

why should it be more expensive when one comes with his own bike?

Nafikiri @msalame grace anamaanisha utadaiwa 2,500 kes kama unayo baiskeli na kama huna itabidi ulipe elfu ya ziada ya kukodi baiskeli ili kwa jumla gharama iwe 3,500 kes

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