Cheki Maneno: Bikes are evolving

na penda sanaa hii mashin

That bike is built for luxury rides pale ndani ya gated community but not for cheki maneno kwa highway

very nice…itatoa pressure kwa warus

Apana io nimekataa.

kwanini mkumbwa

Can it survive in wilderness? I live Laikipia the northern part. Vitu mingi huku ni acacia thorns, they are ones causing headache because of punctures.


you need a mountain bike.
10to4 mountain bike challenge 2019 At Borana Conservancy in pics - Cheki Maneno - Kenya Talk

Unaweza wheelie nayo?

depends on you

Doesn’t look functional.
For that reason, I’m out.

Its rather disconcerting that this is what the village shieth gives as an example of bicycles evolving. And does a whole thread…kwani were VC,ama wacha tu…


Yeah, I got it (MTB), problem is these thorns are giving me nightmare. They puncture even tires written “puncture resistant”