Cheetah vs crocodile. You wont believe how it ended.

Rarest, most unique wildlife video ever. Unbelievable.

hii ujunga haiwezi fanyia jaguar

A cheetah is a very weak animal. It looks like a thin dog up close.

What’s not to believe? Look up the croc vs butterfly, that one you won’t believe.

Jaguar huwa ina furugana na caiman which is a lot smaller than a crocodile. Either way the croc wouldn’t have been very successful if it tried that with a lion, jaguar or a leopard, they could use their size, strength and sharp claws to get away. Cheetahs have dull non retractable claws very similar to dogs which aren’t useful in fights

Then let’s just say that the cheetah is no longer the fastest animal on earth.

True. A caiman is much smaller than a nile crocodile. But what the jaguar does when it kills one is still very impressive.
In this case the cheetah is around 50 kgs compared to 300 kg for the croc. It’s built for mainly speed, so the outcome was onlygoing to end one way. If that was a lion or tiger then may be it could have been a 50/50 chance due to their size (200-250kgs) and ferocity.
All in all nature is brutal and that’s survival for the fittest!



This is fang the lion that looked to be on steroids. Even the tail was muscular. 500 pounds of muscle.