Checki Maneno


Nimepata kitu kama hii , @The.Black.Templar hii kitu iko aje? any suggestions of something low budget(not 450K type of shit) (0-30k) …

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If that’s what you got for less than 30 K, snatch it before someone else sees it.

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vile Bus amesema.
i like the head set on that bike

Would one of you please show us your biking outfits? [SIZE=2]… with you in it?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][ATTACH=full]9739[/ATTACH] [/SIZE]


cheki manenos
hope this lasts you the whole weekend


Ha ha ha

Have you bought it yet or not?..hio bike iko poa

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Kwani kila mtu anataka kuwa jaro soja kwa hii kijiji?

:smiley: :D:D :D:D