Checki maneno....

Today was a beautiful bright day for an epic ride. Been through two counties today.

I decided to ride through this porshe estate

Then I decided to pass by a buddy of mine who also got himself a bike…lakini he had travelled.

So I decided to rediscover a forest here in nairobi :slight_smile:

This is the entrance

Its a really cool place to do a checki maneno…


Lo and behold, a hidden lake!

Which road would you guys have taken? This was a real dilemma bana!

On a sad note, I came across a woman and two kids on the side of a road and she had her head in her hands, a baby on her back amd a child sleeping on a yellow paper bag with all their belongings, my heart bled for her and I stopped and rode back to ask her what her problem was…to cut a long story short, she was out of a home and out of a job, they had not eaten for atleast two days, bu then people with big cars had also stopped to find out what the problem was. It was sad my friends…and the sad part was that these guys would stop listen to her story, get back in their cars and drive off…atleast the ones I saw. I left her some money and got on my way. Sad state of affairs that one. :frowning:

I also came across some other checki maneno enthusiast, this guy was cruising I tell you, alinipita kama subaru, waved back at me and was in the horizon before I could shout, CHECKI MANEEENOOOOOOO!


hehehe nice pictures man it seems ulijibamba kweli except for that sad story of the woman

Glad you were sober enough for cheki maneno…

Why wouldn’t I be sober?

Nungefuata the road on the right, which one did you choose?

Noma kaka

Hehe I took the left one

I like your lifestyle.

Lakini do you know the hyena’s Seventh Commandment? That niggaresss…

I don’t know it…maliza statement

Nice cheki maneno. I hope the woman and kids watasaidika.

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Most men are hangovered on Saturdays…thought you’d be in that category. Kudos for that! I’d fuck you in a heartbeat…

If you screw him, he might lose his way back home, disoriented.

Cheki maneno, huko ni wapi? Karura ama?


You are coming off more like a psycho than a nympho. The kind that hrows a tantrum and chops off the transformer. I would be very wary of you…

…eeh pia hiyo yako naweza transform!! Serree!

that scene is too common…just pass around holy family on sundays and you will find them there , mostly mothers and two kids…in philosophy I think it’s called appeal to pity/mercy

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Very nice I must say. I am going biking today but on Thika road so I wont take a detour. I am just out to see a friend. Approximately how many KMs did you cover?

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a day well spent. exercise, your generousity. But hope this is not a daily routine my friend. Mind your balls with the bike