checki maneno...

Boda boda niggas are the most stupid, ignorant and arrogant persons on this earth.
So today as I was on my way to somewhere in the middle of nowhere cruising at almost 30kph minding my own business, a boda boda appears from nowhere.
The nigga obviously saw me before I saw him cause when I realised what was happening he was looking straight at me.
Anyway I was on the right lane but the boda boda should have been on the other side of the road but instead he was on my side of the road.
So we ran straight into each other and I fell straight on the tarmac. Thank goodness for the body armour I wear when riding. I did not get hurt apart from twisting my right wrist and getting a road burn on my left arm.
I wake up and look at the nigga who was looking back at me and decided that he was not worth wasting my time on him.
So I pick up my bike ans decided to head for my pals place in the nearby mtaa for a little rest and some first aid.
Anyway today I have learnt that the most dangerous fools I should look out for are those boda boda niggas and not necessarily matatu drivers.

Here I had just landed at my pals place…


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try riding in kisumu city

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how do you run into each other? si kila mtu ako na breaks and i believe the road is wide enough to avoid even a bodaboda.

pole boss kwani hujaenda game

Pole buda…there is nothing much I can do about that

Thanks man. Game gani hio?

Hii bike ya mine haiwezi pata dent…ita made of light weight material…an alloy of aluminium and something else. its a hardy material that either withstands the impact ama it breaks all together.

@old monkey kwani umedownload pic ya bike.wht for?

It wasn’t a straight head on collision. I swerved in the other side opposite where the boda boda swerved. So it knocked me down coz it hit one side of my steering handle

Aringie watu

Matatu drivers were the worst until bodaboda drivers appeared on the scene. As of now, matatu drivers too have to contend with a more careless lot.On a different note, get a speedometer if you don’t have one. You can find a wired one for about 700.

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Na uweke dynamo pia, so u can charge your phone and use other electronics when you’re on the go, that would be cool…


Pole boss.


Nunua gari uwache Aibu dogo dogo ya bicycle…

Nani amesema sina gari?? Na yako iko wapi?

True that

Pole but it’s excellent exercise. Good for you. Used to bike back in the day, I need to rekindle that flame. Had a wicked shimano…

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aah kumbe Gor mahia wanacheza kesho nilidhani ni leo

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Hahaha I have now joined the dots…fala wewe