Checki Maneno.....weathered out edition

Waaa what a day…as usual I left for the nearest horizon…Somewhere midway I remembered a buddy of mine who also got himself a very cool bike. I call him up and ask him where he is, and he is at home doing nothing…I ask him to come meet me halfway. We hook up and decide to do an Obama in Utawala township, picha hapa chini
After a few laps huko na kuchokoza tuschana twa utawala, we were back on the highway where we parted ways with my pal.

I am sure some of you might know where this is, can anyone guess? hehe The.Black was upto some mischief!

Kupitia kwa shamba nayo? walalala, my bike has never been through this hell before
I finally made it home through the hot weather, the cold wind, the rain…And you know what, I surprised myself today, checkout the mileage I covered…extremely proud of myself

Compare the difference between the first pic and the second last pic…I am proud of that bike!

On another bright side, bikers are the most friendly of people, I made two new biker friends today, hata nimeongezwa kwa group yao ya whatsapp. @Meria Mata when are those bikers you mentioned going to coast, I told my new friends that I know people…they might be interested in joining the crew.


here for the pics as usual



wapi tusichana twa Utawala? bike tumeona sana…

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hahaha request noted…next time I will ask them to hold the bike for me!

Hio bike imesmama KU mahali inaitwa Cassandra Walk. Kweli Rongo?


Last pics, whats up???

huoni hata mrembo vile anachungulia akingoja picha alizo-request za mabolingo…

What do you mean? the last pic is the mileage counter…I did 58.7kms

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and where did that name come from?

Sijui. Pengine uniambie bruh. Just the way i don’t know who Denis Pritt is.

Kuna murebo ananyimwa haki zake hapa. Amedai @Meria Mata,akadai @The.Black.Templar and other #chekimaneno enthusiasts.

Poor gal,all she getting are pics of dirty bikes n promises…as if dirty bikes n promises are what she wanks to.

@Nefertities Ka ningekuwa a cheki maneno guy you wud be busy doing the arimi thing right now.

Or cud it be that cheki maneno is exactly that…maneno Tu?

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Ayayaya!! Msiniwache nyuma tafsali. Nauza apache nitafute dirtbike ya shaina. Nitakuwa safety marshall wa trip to coast hata mzigo kidogo ntabeba

(s)He who lives on hope dies of starvation - Turkish proverb.

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Huwezi wachwa…mtu wa maji atahitajika

your face is made of lies!

Hata mimi nimeona hivyo.

nice man, nikipata bike will contact you niggas

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weeell, am no black cat…

Denis Pritt was the lawyer who defended the Kapenguria 6 guys