CHECKI MANENO: Eldama Ravine Road Race

@Nefertities @Miss Finest Wine Enjoy

Wazi mzito, which is the next ride in the calendar

The memorial ride at engineer for the KRD ride that died while racing, can’t remember which country. And also there might not be a Tour de Machakos this year:(:(:(:frowning: Too much political confusion

Noma sana @Gio engineer si watu watapigwa na baridi sana?

It’s better than a scorching sun, plus the air is really fresh and clean there

keep me updated, will make arrangements to attend one event

Kina sheriff, how is their sponsorship with Arabica Cafe? And who owns those bikes they show up with? Some guy has a BMC Racing Machine :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

@Meria Mata

swafiii, napenda sana.
aberdares twasija na @pseudonym

hehehe sijui mbona nacheka

I hope its not coz of a certain shoe size that you happened upon in these crazy village pathways.:wink:

She is head of the technical crew

I can tell alot about you by just them shoes!, jua tu hivo!

My home area. That road has seen the best of my boost.

hehe…mbona wakale mnapenda subaru hivo? in Eldy, every second car is a SUB

I noticed the same when I was there. Tulisalimiana by flashing lights na kuwave:)

Btw that photo you posted about an year ago of an expensive bicycle, was it real or part of your “fantasy story cooking”?

Mi huenda kwa race na black mamba ya steel kilo 23 chief, hapana tambua gears