Currently on pale KTN 2…

Go straight to the point… Election iko haiko???

Police force has got nothing to do with IEBC meeeen

Jamaa amedai stakeholders washa mwambia kila kitu iko sawa

Amesema 6pm na mapema mbukinya lazima ichomoke

chebukati: all polling stations will vote tommorow,

[B][SIZE=5]napenda sana


All polling stations open up tomorrow at 6am…

Election iko… Katambee sasa…

kwisha luo nyanza polls to be suspended

:D:D:D…Stage ya kwanza ya kukojoa na kustretch miguu ni hapo Kondelee… Biscuits watu wanunue leo zilale kwa bag…

is this the official position?

great! as a country, we seriously need to move forward! We are fatigued our lives can’t be on hold for ever

chai haiwezi lala kwa thermos. tutafanyaje bana

Alafu does this statement have any weight on it…?? Can it be used to invalidate the process…

"Where we encounter hitches, we will apply elections regulations which include suspension of the process "

Mubebe na tumbo zitakutania na biscuit kesho kwa tumbo… So leo usiku yote mlale mkikunywa kachai… :D:D

he has hinted on invoking chapter 63 65 or 73 of the elections act that allow him and the constituency returning officer to suspend polls if the need arises

Yes, he has quoted some sections of the law which allow IEBC to suspend voting in problematic areas.

NOP… But he did say…

“Where we encounter hitches, we will apply elections regulations which include suspension of the process”

I’ll still ask again, can it be used to invalidate the entire process if they’re forced to suspend in any part of the country???

remember for one to be declared the winner he only needs 24% in 25 counties and 50%+1 vote of the casted votes. not all constituencies

Kenyans are tired…

He also took a swipe at babuon and Akombe.

I think Chebukati’s main undoing was trying to be a people pleaser. He ended up arousing suspicion from both ends.

Were the new election laws passed signed into law?