chebukati sio Mpukusu

Wabukusu are flamboyant, proud bordering on arrogant and decisive. Michael Wamalwa Kijana or simply Mike was the furst politician to campaign with an aircraft, in the seventies! We akl know the nose in the air swag that Mukhisa used to flaunt as a minister, it is said when he was made minister in 2002, he put a notice on his door that said his office was not an employment bureau (what cheek for a politician!). When he was accused of being corrupt to the point of buying a chopper courtesy of brazillian sugar, as minister for commerce ,he said the onky thing he owns that can fly was a chicken (proud mluhya there). He stood firm against business cartels with links to Kibaki led by CK who wanted to take over Uchumi for a song and flip it over to Massmart. The battkes he fought in cabinet meetings convinced Kibaki and the cabinet to rescue Uchumi (we now agree it was not the best idea). Enter Makhalang’ang’a aka Noah Wekesa, together with Elijah Mwangale never shied to play on government side since Moi days. Makhalang’ang’a takes no prisoners in his political rhetoric. Chiloba, Chiloba, niseme nini, smiles through a crisis, orders in his lunch as jakuon is being fed on teargas right outside his office. Closer home @Mundu Mulosi (wharra name!) still has the balls (oops! Is that a pun?) to give equators right below the belt (he wouldnt know how it feels, would he?)

Yaani wapukusu si watu wavuguvugu katikati thats why I say Chebukatikati is not pukusu. I mean who has the audacity to declare themselves God but Jehova Wanyonyi, and he peoudly tells ypu "Yesu ameenda Kapurengu kununua kitunguu. This after years back another pukusu declared himself a spirit, Elijah Masinde of dini ya musambwa (masambwa ni spirits for those who dont know). So, hii Chebukatikati imetoka wapi? A pukusu who is an achiever doesnt marry a pukusu girl, khasungu ama khamuindi, Makhalang’ang’a, Mukhisa, Wamalwa, Musikari, ule wamuindi anaitwa aje? Next ni wachikuyu, Weta, wamunyinyi (wake ni mmeru), Wamalwa again, and this time from the Kenyatta wider family of Njoroge Mungai, ongeza @uwesmake hapa
Great people! Lakini Chebukatikati si mpukusu.
Postscript: Rose Wafula stole my heart eons when she was a student at Lugulu girls, she showed me love and she is forever etched in my heart. Met hee juzi and I recalled her beautiful handwriting, the best in the world, sijawai pata mtu na writing kama ya Rose.


niliona interview ya one of the wives akisema “mimi ni khupipi wa mungu”



Napenda sana, hehe

If we get a good person, we castigate him for not having this and that personality, better Chebukati, he has no arrogance and does not set out to inflame situations. He is trying to do the best in difficult circumstances.

The problem with Chebukati hana msimamo, he swings from one end to the other. The guy who captures what you describe is Isaak Hassan, lacklustre, laid back, humble but firm in his decision. Isaak Hassan is arguably the best elections leader we ever had.


Ni khuliper :D:D

He he he he he he he he!


Nimekoolibah yaani nimekoobalih.

hapo swafi mzito Kulipa ongeza kwa list talkers wabukusu wazito @epoch na @Ice_Cube

na nilisema sisi wabukusu si waluhya we are more superior than all tribes we are a tribe by ourselves


Isaak and Chebukati are saying the same thing. Isaac is repeating what Chebukati says.
Isaak starts his statement with as of 5:00 pm…. and
Chebukati end his statement with upto 5: 00 pm…. by which time those whose minds are distracted are lost and don’t get to understand him.

But that fool Wetangulia has really dented Bukusu pride. They were never bootlickers like Maragoli.

Lilian unasumbua.

:D:D:D:D:D @123tokambio kuom kiasi

lakini muwache kumalisa shiny eyes ungwaro khocha

koolipah kuwa therious :D:D:D pungusa pangi pwana

hii kitu nikiwa na njaa kwa giza nakula , mbay mbaya