Chebukati just conducting a forensic analysis.

Since by law all the IEBC servers are supposed to be accessed by everyone, we all have a sense of who actually won.
The media have been exposed as people who cannot be depended on. Wametuacha kwa Mataa without actually giving the final tally.
Now chebukati has until Monday do his forensic analysis. Hawezi harakishwa.

Vile Chebukati anawatch bonobos…one minute wameshangilia wakiwa serikali…next wanalia wakiwa opposition…


Chebukati: Hii watu ni wazimu…

By a stroke of luck, all media stations owners are supporting one candidate.

They counted all votes, they lack someone who can announce the results.

It is what it is.

You don’t want to be the station that made a counting error and announce a different candidate from iebc. Ivo ndio xhaos huanza. I think they are just being cautious/ playing safe

They shouldn’t have publicised the process in the first place. They should have conducted their own independent tallying and compared with IEBC later on, which also beats the purpose of transparency.

Otherwise, they should have put a strong disclaimer (IEBC reserves the right to make the final announcement) and carry on with the tallying with the logic that if they were using the same source, and the process of tallying was fair for all parties involved, they would’ve arrived at the same result.

I don’t think there was any real tallying taking place. There were data entry clerks typing data into Google docs spreadsheets. But someone on the back end was sand-papering the data to reflect a race to close to call. Depending on the mood on social media.There’s no way two candidates pass each other back and forth like Richard Chelimo exchanging leads with Eliud Kipchoge in a 42Km marathon. Ati then in final 5km, one sprints away.