IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has hit back at Deputy President William Ruto over night meetings with NASA claims.

In a statement, Chebukati asked Ruto to make public, evidence of the ‘so called meetings’ and venues where they were being held.

Responding to the DP’s claims, the commissioner said the rumours were baseless and reckless.

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Rumors regarding my so called night meetings with NASA are baseless and reckless.

11:01 PM - Sep 10, 2017

“They shall not succeed to derail me from the immediate goal I have of delivering to Kenyans free, fair and credible election,” read the statement in part.

Ruto on Sunday evening while speaking to Citizen Tv said he had information that Chebukati was meeting with NASA officials at night.

He claimed that the two parties were meeting to strategize ahead of the October 17 election which the chair has said will be free, fair and credible.

“If the night meetings are untrue, let him come out and say it,” Ruto said.

“We are telling Chebukati that he should stop the ‘night meetings’ and preside over the election. From the look of things, it looks like the IEBC chairman is working with our competitors.”

Coming to Chebukati’s defense was Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula who said the DP’s attacks on the electoral body chair were ‘unjustified and uncalled for.’

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Bwana Ruto, your attacks on Chebukati are unjustified and uncalled for. You have no capacity to throw the first stone, leave alone any stone.

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And who told him his attacks on Chiloba were justified?


he we go again, by this evening this will have blown out of proportion


There will be denials and retractions,abstractions and more accusations…

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I said this yesterday Ruto is full of scum

Peculiar Kenyans!!!
They have been hammering the IEBC chairman and the commission itself since when Noah was 9 years old. No replies, no rebuttals, no nothing! Ruto has only to speak for one very short second and the chairman comes out horns blaring!!!


Exactly…who told them they have the monopoly of propaganda and underhand techniques. Two can play at that game!


Hapa opposition wanacheswa, and already falling into Ruto’s game plan. Sasa tuone wakisema Chebukati out after wamemtetea:D:D

IEBC is on retreat in Naivasha as we speak

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