Chebukati demands answers

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Tumeiona, already.

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Clear copy here :D:D
Can we get it pinned?

People are not paid if their threads are pinned. Sorry.


Habari tumeipata

Moto umewaka

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Hatukua tumeona. Thanks for this update

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:D:D:D ati ‘confidential’

Meffi officers hold key positions in the country… Na sijataja mtu.

Who’s leaking internal memos?

And shouldn’t Chebukati be asking the returning officers what went wrong?

hehe 9,934 edits on a computer? Mimi sikuwa naamini lakini vile nimeona kwa news sina mengi ya kusema. uchaguzi ilikuwa imbo.
Jubilee yani wameamua kurig out babuon mara elfu ikiwezekana.
power to babuon!!!
I demand justice for my people!!!

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Those Returning Officers are employees of the secretariat answerable to Chiloba.

Quick question: Does Chirobber answer to Chafukati?? Explain …

Yet guys here dismissed RAO’s allegations.

My fren, ile siku utakua mkubwa, don’t ever take on a small man. You escalate issues through the channels established. It is the rule of the game. You lose power by taking on a small man. If in doubt, ask uhunye what happened at the coast when he decided to be take on sultan hoho.

I’ll not respond until the moles ‘leak’ Chiloba’s response to Chebukati.
Nasa is beating Jubilee in the propaganda game using these one sided ‘leaks’.

sycophants wa jubilee wako wapi? ama wanajikunakuna matako wakitafuta counter attcak…

Who told you it wasn’t JaKuon trying to make sure there was something he can hang on to?

When you touch a raw nerve.