For long, I have watched with horror and or read in shock, of men and women running amok after catching their spouse or lover cheating. Many deaths have been witnessed, families torn apart, kids suffered and some otherwise very good guys end up languishing in Kamiti for extended periods or life, merely for their reaction from their disvovery. This issue has long tormented me and I wish to be enlightened.
Personally, and am being aggressively honest here, wouldn’t care less was I to find my wife or lover cheating. I have always held that the only true and unalienable possession one truely has, is his or her body. Another premise I hold true is that, each individual of majority age has the ultimate and final right and privalage to decide with whom to swap bodily fluids while grunting and panting, some howling like a Tarzmania Devil on childbirth. The third pillar I lean on, is that no one should have such power over another as to dictate his or her carnal mate.
Making love to whomever one decides should never warrant such wanton responses as to maim or kill another for rights. The most one would expect is, honestly, a brisk walk away. But I wouldn’t hold anyone captive were you to seat and reconsile because, essentially, no pussy or dick has been taken away.
So today, dear Talkers, enlighten this aging sage. What exactly is so wrong with your man or woman cheating on you that you would willingly ferry them beyond The great gulf or maim them for life. Be objective. Any emotional , dejectable and crappy feeling should beforehand, be wrapped tightly in peppered tinfoil and shoved up the anal cavity. Use deep cranium content. Why would you hurt your estewhile good friend merely because he or she spent two hour or five minutes giving and receiving pleasure from someone else. Would you kill your wife or husband and risk a jail term just for the rights to mate.

Nataka kukamua Mrs Iguana4


How do you mount an Iguana?

Ntakuuwa brary foko jembe

for the slow one it’s Kasighau’s wife

Wewe madam, I sincerely love your brain. What exactly do you think of this issue

kizungu mingi, kwani wewe ni lawyer?

How about you provide us with your wife’s contacts and I will give you first hand experience uache kusumbua.

Investing so much on someone and emotions will definitely lead to disaster when betrayed. Kwanza if you have a weapon at hand there are chances that you will use it then regrets will follow later. Most of those who have been convicted for crimes of passions now know it was nor worth it after all

People who talk like this have never been cheated on or (most likely) never knew they were cheated on. Date more than 20 girls and you will get cheated on at least once. Its natural. Some things can only be experienced. You can’t read how to ride a bicycle etc.

If it has never happened to you, you can’t tell how you might react. Crimes of passion bring out the worst in people.

The heart can choke the brain seeing as all blood flows back to it. I can’t detach the two on this, call it traffic and weather.

Am not saying that it won’t hurt. Far from it. I say, why would you go hurting anyone or destroy livelihood for someone cumming inside

Bro, I have six baby momma’s. I have been cheated so ma y many times. I do t give a fuavk

Sv, where did I suggest you store feelings. Read again

People have too many expectations, they fail to realize that their wives are human too.

Are you for real, skunk. I would donate twenty women I have climbed for every year you have been on God green earth and still have enough to hold a divas bridal shower

Kua kwa hiyo situation kisha urudi utuambie @Kasighau

with some smooth jazz

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