cheating wife caught

Please post for me and hide my identity .I am a lady aged 27 yrs .I cheated on my hubby and gave birth to a baby boy.He secretly did a DNA test and found out the truth .The child belongs to my ex who is a broke drug addict.The child is only 5 months old I’m husband has filed for a divorce what can I do

and it is another happy day for self proclaimed ktalk’s DNA ambassador

I’m suprised the heading didn’t read ’ cheating shinny eye wife caught ’

She should get what she deserved

Let her pay for her sins, she should move on and find another cow, this one has refused…

Drug peddler wengine wanaongoza makauti…yeye alifwata ghaseer of a peddler!!!.. Shieeet!

It is hard to understand women. Ama hii ni ukunguru tu?

Hapana, hiyo ni betachieth, Wacha ilee mtoto ya wenyewe

i dnt undestand ama ni swag madem wameanza ya ufala

Lesson here bad boys will always get the pussy money si kila kitu learn game vijana.