Cheating in relationships

Why do people cheat? That’s the question I usually ask myself. Why does one feel guilty after getting caught? All that time you were cheating probably you didn’t feel any remorse for your actions why then change when caught? What I believe if once a cheat always a cheat. I will never forgive anyone who cheats on me because that gives her even more room to cheat since you will go ahead and forgive her again.

If you have to cheat then please cover your tracks since choices have consequences. If you get caught then you have to suffer the consequences of a break up. The worst thing is when you get caught and still try to deny that you weren’t cheating me. If I catch on you bed fucking another dude how can you convince me that you were not cheating on me. I ain’t no detective that I should follow you around too find out where your feet step in each time. The most paining thing is if your partner cheats on you with someone close to you like your sister, brother, cousin, friend. Or when he/she cheats on you with a person who has a low status in the society as compared to you. Or cheats on you with someone uglier than you.

I cheated on my exes but I was careful to cover my tracks and I have never been caught. I have been cheated on by an ex (Crystal) and immediately I broke off the relationship. What made me do it was because she denied it when I caught her, she is pregnant with another man’s baby and cheated on me with Caleb, a close friend of mine. Am not trying to be a sissy like @Georgina Makena but am just addresding the elephant in the room

Fak, wacha tumalize story ya akombe kwanza, tutarudi

This Crystal, is she a Luo ama a pointy?

None of the above…

You got cheated on. Deal with it. Nobody cares.

That not a big deal… Pitia Sj na utaenda nyumabani ukiimba tano Tena

threshold manenos

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thanks so much for that.
and in the meantime while we wait for Akombe to sign form 98B PLEASE PLEASE!!!set the story straight because you are not communicating as to who is the victim and who is the perpetrator

We cheat because one testicle alone produces a million sperm a day.
What use is that to one woman alone ?

People cheat when there is a reward for it. Why do people cheat in exams? Yes, to pass exams. You feel guilty because it is natural, especially when you have violated an agreement. When someone is cheating hopes are high as one assumes that the probability of getting caught approaches zero. In the case that cheating becomes a habit, you automatically lower your guard. Eventually, when you are caught you develop a guilty conscience because you are in denial. Why do people cheat? I would say out of greed or selfish desires.

Caleb tena? Thought he died.