Cheaply priced vehicles in Garissa

A friend tells me that there are dealers based in Garissa town who are selling cars at rather low prices. He gives example of a relatively new probox sells at 250k. Anyone heard of that? Could this be genuine?

most probably Magendo through Somalia

250k ni probox imebebesha mugoka… hio sio gari.

Hizo ni pesa atapoteza. He’ll be asked to deposit some cash… Ama alipe gari iwe delivered. Pesa itapotea.

Unless uende huko, uangalie gari, uishike na mikono, uangalie frame/engine number uhakikishe, ulipe uende na gari… But again, wasomali wanaelewa biashara za magendo it could be a junk brought in through Somalia… In which case it’s a win win.

A colleague from Meru mentioned the same as well. Not that cheap but relatively cheaper than your normal caryards.

One thing I like about muslim brothers is they are good at business and very negligible chances of cons unless it’s a Muslim karish or kamau (we know them since last year a certain mwaura conned me 120k but am sure he will regret )have done businesses at garrisa and I like that place.the only warning I can give you is usipeleke ukora huko coz u will regret.

Na vile they mistreat kambas there, nyinyi ndio cheap labour huko.

Word of advice confirm that the vehicle is dully registered otherwise, DCIO, KRA and NTSA will be collecting bribes from you now and then.

In every society kiongoss we have the poor who are downtrodden ,a person of my class and knowledge can’t be expected to work for Somali scams ,we only do business and part ways, I have a friend there a certain Ahmed with schools and kikuyus work as ground men together with my kamba brothers.
At mujini mayakos I can point for you many mad houses for others tribes (kyuks,kale and luos though few).

We understand you have a problem with kikuyu but how does someone stay in a MAD house? Kambas have started bewitching houses now?

So asks Straw Man. Pun unintended.

He did an excellent job at it. Heko kwake!

:smiley: vau ve Sawa mwah!.


No Luo stays in a mud house south of Sahara North of Limpopo. In fact Nyanza is a region littered with academics and professionals. Ukiona homestead unaambiwa hii ni ya engineer so and so, ukienda mbele kidogo unaona homestead ingine unaambiwa hii ni ya proffesor so and so. The last mud house was upgraded to a permanent structure way back in 1996.

Hehehe, hii danganya watu hawajahi pita past Koru, people living along the B1 highway have mud houses sembuse wale wa mashinani?

Chesa chini, semeji.