Cheap Medical Cover...

I came across this medical cover when I was doing my research online. Now that Linda Jamii (Safaricom+Britam) ilifungwa…I think this is a reasonable cover to go for. That is kama wewe ni mwananchi mdogo. Alafu Waumini belongs to the Catholic Church of Kenya. Any one who has used this?

Hii ni UPUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…benefits za 50k na premium ni 13K…doesn’t make sense.

Hii 13K ni monthly ama annual?

NHIF haijawai niangusha kizee…

Actually this looks like a good idea. Is it for a family or an individual?

Hio Cover ni kidogo sana Admin,haiwezi tibu makende moja…labda tea bagging;);):wink:



I think it’s a good deal for mwananchi mdogo…birrionaires fuck off please, this is not your thread.

Do you have a better deal elsewhere that you can suggest to fellow villagers?

Try resolution health I think its 16k per year and the benefits can go up to 900k.

Umetumwa kumarket ama?

Didn’t know waumini has health insurance… I know it as a sacco my mum is a member from what hear from here they are good.

Not really. I came across a different thread previously where we were trying to ask ourselves what other options are available now that Linda Jamii has been closed. When I came across this one I thought it’s important to share it so that villagers can discuss and even suggest better options if any. My only issue is that some are only criticizing it without offering us an alternative.

Nice suggestion. Wacha I check them out.

hapa watu ni pang’ang’a tupu hata criticism tupu

mimi kwanza natafuta cover ya mtoi alone juu zote naget lazima huyo mama akue covered na ni mtu team mafisi wanashine na yeye sai so sai huyo madam akitaka kunipunish anapeleka mtoi hosi ingine hapo expe and i hav to pay a bro here guys.but mi umake sure nalipa hio hosi na mpesa that way pesa yangu awezi get apart from ile monthly maintance we agreed.

Huyu hapa atakusaidia…


Ustadh i hope uko serious juu hii story inani stress tu sana

my employer does less than this…is this deal for real? optical napewa 10k