Cheap low end phones

which is the best cheap low end phone ? something around 15K and good battery life .Tecno/infinix ?

Xiaomi redmi 8A

Umdigi phone, imetengenezwa na none other than aanko @digi:D:D

15k and low end phone in one sentence? 15k you can get a high end Chinese phone with 3gb ram, 64GB,good camera and extra features. Just Google

Huawei Y6

Xiaomi 8

tecno camon 12

toa hii takataka just buy Nokia 4.2

Nigga wants a low end phone

15k is not a low end phone. It is a middle range

Actually lower mid range

infinix note 5


It is a good thing that you mentioned infinix because infinix has juust released a new phone in the hot series and it really packs one hell of battery. The most powerful battery I hae ever seen so far on any phone if not phones made by energizer. This phone is not a low end. It is even stronger than tecno camon x going for 17k. For only 12k you get 3GB ram, 32GB internal storage, !4mp camera back and 8mp front. The best part is the 500mah battery. Trust me, no phone has got this much battery power.Forget fake chinese phones. This is the real deal for those who want to go digital for a low price. You can get it from Jumia or Kilimal. If you want to get it from infinix stores then get rady to travel.

Xiaomi 8 will dust your infinx

You forgot to mention another very important aspect; the processor. Simu ikiwa na 50000 mAh battery na iko na mediatek processor then a 3000 mAh battery phone with a Snapdragon 675-855 will perform better than it. Also, the screen should be another important aspect.