Cheap dentist at CBD

Wadau is their anybody who knows or has a dentist at CBD who charges fairly, I need 2 permanent dentures ziongezwe kwa mdomo, but the prices being quoted by this private clinics is abnormal

Teremka hapo Park Road Guru Nanak, fairly priced. They even accept Insurance

Guru Nanak, jameni.

Guru Nanak [SIZE=4]Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital[/SIZE]

@Wanaruona is a Dentist in real life

Poa poa, thank you elders

kuna Some Shady Dentists Pale ngara, Shida ni Kupata Coordinates, Most Of their clinics are usually hidden within buildings

Tupa hio denture tutengeneze flexible denture. Watu siku hizi hawavai hizo plastic na clasp za wire…

University of Nairobi Dental School is also fairly priced… But you’re sort of a guinea pig. Future dentists wanafunzwa practicals na wewe

Rusha price and where your clinic is located inbox, kindly

crescent medical parkroad ngara iko karibu na mosque ya park road

Taiba dentist adjacent to park road mosque

[quote=“Obaba, post:12, topic:246097”]

Taiba dentist adjacent to park road mosque
yes crescent iko tuu hapo mbele[/QUOTE]

Hawa kazi yao ni kung’oa meno pekee

Na implants ni mangapi

Implant is very expensive. It’s done surgically where you place the post in the bone. After it has healed you join the implant on the post. Halafu baadae you place the crown on the implant. It can be emax, porcelain fused to metal or zirconia crown. Ranges from 100-150k.

Hao ni clearing and forwarding.:D:D:D:D

How about bridging?

It depends ni Meno ngapi Una miss.
1 missing tooth that’s a 3 unit bridge. Cantilever ni 2 unit bridge.

Am interested also. Please share the details.