Chealsea missed the dribbling madness of Eden Hazard, Kovacic, Loftus Cheek and Odoi.

The 2019 saw chealsea sell Hazard to Real. That is the year Roftus Cheek and Odoi got serious injuries after breaking into first team. But imagine having them in the starting eleven. Chealsea would be interesting to watch. I hate team who pass and pass and no player can face a defender. But it was interesting to see the four play together. Let’s hope Loftus Cheek regain world cup form.

Mungiki si uongee tu kwa kikikuyu ndio tukuelewe? You are talking about 2019 na tuko 2022? Uko na kichwa mzuri wewe?

He’s talking about a player who has never made the El Classico squad since his move from Stamford Bridge :D:D:D

Eden Hazard was premier league best player for the last decade. As for Madrid, that Ronaldo jersey number is cursed. Sanchez flopped wearing number 7.

History class is always admirers resort to when making a case for failed heroes.