Chatter: Which of these do you consider an achievement?

So wanaume we were blesssed with the curse of hunting. We hunt for pussy till the day our ticker goes off. Sexual escapades is the order of our lives. But there are those escapades that every man wishes for but few get to experience. So which of these escapades would you consider an achievement if you were to get them done.

  1. A threesome ( You and two girls)

  2. Nailing sisters (Not necessarily in a 3some)

  3. Nailing a girl and her mother (Not necessarily in a 3some).

  4. Nailing your female boss

(You can add more)


number 1 tick, 2 tick twice, 3 not done and not desired, 4 almost there - 5, my female teacher of english lit was heavenly!

I dont mean to brag and i dont have photographic evidence to proove it but i have done "All of the above" All i have to say is you havent lived until you have had a threesome and you dont know fear if you haven`t had to break the news to a woman that you shagged her daughter but that you still loved her more!


Ha ha ha

Man, you got drama. Consider documenting your life in a movie. You can call it "How Else to Live Life(Hell) ".

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Only done number 2, but the future is bright, I crave for number 1. Niskie hio heaven ya @kabuda

Being in a threesome is a preserve of real gentlemen! Ukishamanga mamanze wawili pamoja you even change your walking style and you become a reserved gentleman.The way you look at things changes and for you,Impossible Is Nothing!!


I can count 1 .2 and 4 and then add cousins

nailing the secretary…

Cousins ive managed nikiwa kijana but i still envy senior driver wa ktalk for managing å three some.

Tusizoeane priss tafathali!
Sitaki kutharauliwa hapa! I am a Kikuyu so its "money over prestige " all day for me.I could easily wear a suit and tie and look important earning half my potential in my qualification lakini mimi sio kubaff.
Anyway,3some ni mambo yote especially when the 2 women in question are game and willing to explore each other while you watch and indulge anytime you so wish…

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Give mi a walkthrough coz am troubled how to hit 2 in one, as in ndio Ikuwe nitaenda Sabina Joy nichague ama of the 6 I have I have to convince 2 coz in my mind haiezi happen. Thank u in advance, what’s the vibe?

I have had a threesome but I came in the “wrong” woman, kumbe was supposed to cum in my sort of main chic’s puthy. In a few months walikosana. But I would like to nail sisters

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Ile day ntachapa 3some ntatembea kama jogoo

Most of them are not planned, for my case I went to pick up some chic that was staying with a female room mate we go to the club, the room mate was bored and hence she tagged along, we went clubbing guyz were hitting on her but she never really fell for any of them, so going back to their place, I obviously had to sleep in then I go to my place the next day. Me and the main squeeze mbio kwa mattress brought to the sitting room the other chic went to the bedroom. Asubuhi we woke up my d**k was exposed since the blanket had switched positions. the other chic was already up and she was sitted there watching TV. So the girl I screwed woke up and we all started conversing, I got the half a bottle of mzinga that was still left and tukagawana and when we got a little tipsy one thing led to another and I had two chiqs with me on a mattress and I had only a boxer on while one was stark naked with the other still having a night dress with nothing on. Then SHIT happened

Weka story yote omwami,hata kama ni kwa pdf tutasoma,asande muno wacha tununue bundles tukingoja.


Unacatch to feelings kama our esteemed Dr jana,hehehe.


yes Ave done two of my cousins

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