Chasing The Wind - Part II

The day had been long…way too long and I was tired to the bone. I couldn’t wait to get home and relax in a warm bath with a glass of whisky on the rocks. I did my shopping in a blur and trolleyed to the parking lot to my car, opened the passengers’ sit and dumped the shopping bags. An uneasy thought fleetingly crossed my mind. “Did I not lock my car before I went in to the mall?” I sighed and chalked it up to exhaustion and another long sunny day in 001. I got in the driver’s seat and eased out of the parking lot onto the highway, at least the traffic was not so heavy, I would reach home in about 20 minutes …or so I thought.

         As I cruised past voyager’s hotel, listening to Dr.Dre’s bad intentions, I glanced at my side mirror and noticed a Land cruiser, weaving in and out of traffic, passing other cars in an alarming speed, soon it was a few meters behind me, the driver flashed his lights insistently. The fuck?  Was he indicating I pull over? Hec No…I was doing 80, I gently pushed down on the gas pedal and in a few seconds, my baby picked up speed 90…100[I].” It's been awhile hasn’t it baby gal? “I[/I] softly whispered with a smile as I felt the first turbo open at 120... The sweet purr of the engine made adrenalin fuel down my body. [I]“Come get me fucker”[/I].I glanced at the rear view mirror and saw the land cruiser was keeping up. A brief smile crossed my lips, this was no ordinary driver behind that wheel ….I flicked the overtaking indicator when I saw a few matatus ahead of me just past Shanzu and nosed in on the other lane to check oncoming vehicles, I was in luck…an oncoming truck was a bit far off and gauging it’s speed, I could make it .I pressed down a bit more on the pedal and the second turbo kicked in..Speed 140 and picking...6000RPM. My baby was stable and flying. The oncoming truck flashed his lights and honked as I approached, “[I]Tulia daddy. [/I]“I thought…as I narrowly got back into my lane and eased off the gas. I was sure I had lost the maniac behind the crazy matatus.

       I passed Mtwapa in a few and slowed down a bit more as I approached the weigh bridge. “[I]Crazy day, Wait until I tell Jeremy about this while we skyped later..God knows when that would be”[/I]. I thought. He was out of the country on some military training .He had been gone for a six months already and he rarely had access to the internet at the camp…plus did I really want to talk to him? “[I]Carol…you slut! How could you.. [/I]” I screamed out loud. 

         My furious thoughts were suddenly disrupted when I saw the land cruiser had caught up. The driver honked and flashed me down and real fear crept in my heart now. I did not know what this maniac was after and frankly I did not want to find out.

The road was clear now; It was just him and I. He swayed to the right lane and I knew his intentions. I switched lanes too and blocked him. I urged myself not to panic as I thought of plan B. Kijipwa police station was somewhere ahead. I had to get there. We both swerved back to our lanes, speeding like the apocalypse was approaching. I could see him creeping on me and I felt him nudge my bumper. Fuck! This idiot wanted to kill me, there was no way I was hitting the brakes, that was plain suicidal, I controlled the car and slammed the gas pedal to the floor…within seconds; I was driving at max speed. I saw the police station ahead and indicated left. I saw the entrance…thanks gods, there was no gate and gunned in barely slowing down. I hit the brakes hard at the end of the lane and skidded to a stop, hastily unfastened my seat belt and got out, running and stumbling into the station as I screamed for help. The boys in blue rushed out already alarmed by the speeding cars…and my legs gave out and I sat down right there by the front desk trembling.


sijasoma ata part 1 mammi naenda kuitafuta lakini polite inquiry,

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Hehehe… Naah. It’s very PG rated… for now.

beautiful…i love very much!

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Nice read…

It is not up to me. He leads, I follow.

confused. wharrithis :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:. leteni part 3 supid

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Haiya, good one. Now the climax?

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shenji, your imagination is dirty

Part 3 ikoapi