Chasing the wind. Finale...

My alarm went off at 6 a.m as usual and I woke up,Thankfully,It was a Saturday morning and I had the day off from my usual work schedule. Thoughts of what went down the previous evening/ night hit me like an oncoming 18 wheeler(sic) .I groaned and covered my face with my pillow and cursed. What the hell had happened? The car chase,the rapist in my boot and Meria bringing me home…the black out…I willed my thoughts to stop to no avail…I bit my lip as I remembered the first kiss that we shared. Somehow I had gotten back to my senses after that and he was gentleman enough to leave. I cursed as I remembered how, at that moment as he walked out of the house, I wondered how people actually have the nerve of committing adultery inside their matrimonial homes. How I thought…that was the most idiotic thing in the world, little did i imagine that sometimes human nature does not follow rules.After throwing the keys to him, I had walked in to hit the switch only to realize that i had to do it manually.My gate keys were in my room and I rushed up the stairs.Unfortunately,my absent minded house-help had left a bucket full of water for God knows what reason at the top of the stairs and I had the misfortune of tripping.In an instant cold water had spilled on me and my clothes got soaked. I went to my room and got the torch from my bed stand and took the gate keys then I decided at the last minute to strip my wet clothes and threw on my night tee shirt which was lying on my bed and went out like that, what the hell,i thought, it was a dark outside after all. I stepped out of the house and realized the clouds had cleared and though the moon was not full,it wasn’t as dark as I had assumed it would be.
"crap! I thought,what was I going to do now,going back to put on some trousers meant keeping M. waiting, I took in a deep breath and walked on to the gate…that was my undoing. What happened after that was something I could not control. I blushed,as I remembered how he took me there on my bonnet and how ashamed I felt afterwards.And now, I had to wait for his call to go pick the bloody car.

     He called around 4 P.M and told me to pick the car at a nearby hotel.
    [I] "Why don't you just leave the keys with the management. I will pick them need to wait for me."[/I] I said.
      He laughed.[I]"Are you afraid to meet me ? I am decently dressed today." [/I]He went on.

       I wanted to back out but I knew I wanted to see him again.I hastily dressed up and called a cab. In a few minutes we were in the hotels parking lot. I saw my baby parked there and M casually sitting on the bonnet. I got off the taxi and the guy drove away. As i walked towards M,head bowed, I could feel his eyes on me ..damn this man,I thought as i approached him. I did not look nor speak to him, I just stretched out my hand in expectation..waiting for him to drop my keys on my palm but instead he grabbed me and pulled me in for a hug. Dear gods...a sudden rush of desire hit me and the fact that we were leaning on the bonnet,did not help tame my emotions. He felt so good..this man..I felt safe in his arms and his faint cologne made me inhale deeper.At that instant,he pulled back,held my hand and directed me to the hotel.

    [I]"Where are we going?"[/I] I asked him.
   [I] "To continue where we left off."[/I] He responded.

             I wanted to walk away. I didn't. It had been way too long. I wanted to put my needs first for once.A few moments later we were inside a nice room and the moment he shut the door we were on each other like starving animals. My dress was on the floor ,along with his shirt and trousers and boxers in an instant. We dropped on the bed and he was on top of me.
  [I] " I have been thinking about this the whole day" [/I]He softly said as his hand caressed my bare tummy and continued down south,his finger traced a line on my panties and rubbed me slowly. I moaned as my desire spiked up and I opened my thighs slightly...He continued to tease me as i wriggled underneath him. His mouth found my nipples and he sucked on them oh so slowly..twirling his tongue around them,making them hard and erect.

   [I] "You are killing me here..."[/I] I pleaded. But his fingers kept playing on top of my panties,I could feel myself getting wetter.His boner was throbbing near my thigh and I held it ,stroked him up and down ,cajoling him with naughty words that had him gasping for air. He slipped off my flimsy garment and touched my clit and my juices gashed with renewed enthusiasm. I knew I was going to cum in a few moments and I whispered his name...He responded by lying on his back and pulling me on top and slamming me down on his dick hard..we were one in an instant and he filled me gloriously. I moaned as I rode him feeling his dick slide in and out . His finger rubbed my clit and I got wetter as my first orgasm hit me making me lie on his chest gasping.It was not over yet ,as he laid me by his side and lifted my leg and pummeled me some more from my backside,making me scream as he gasped and froze for an instant...I knew he could not hold back anymore and I lay on my stomach and pulled a pillow beneath my tummy ,lifting my bum up..

  [I] "Damn you woman!" [/I]He growled and I smiled. He positioned himself behind me and grabbed my ass and fully impaled me.I gasped as I felt him deep inside me...sweet gods. I felt another orgasm hit me and moaned.His pace increased as I felt my cum dripping on him and with one final thrust I felt him spill deep inside me. My pussy greedily sucked him all up and finally we lay there, our lust extinguished....

  I did not know what to say...there was nothing I could say. I thought about how it all started,and a belated thought caught up with car was sparkling clean...I had noticed it when we drove in.

“Thank you for cleaning up Pandora.” I softly said.
“Pandora? You named your car?” He asked.Puzzled.
“Why Pandora?”
He asked.
" Because…some things are better left unopened." I whispered as I thought of what our lust had unleashed.


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