Chase Bank!

Chameni what’s happening???

Chinda iko wapi? Are there people who still bank with Chase?

Like what ? ? ?

Have they freezed your money because the trade is illegal…


Tuendee pesa!? Kuna noma imetokea?

it has been bought by SBM bank. Someone who went for their meeting to shed more light.[ATTACH=full]131038[/ATTACH]

Bought? More like moving depositors to SBM!

Chase bank has a hole of 35billion. I doubt all depositors will access their money. Then kuna customers who have a 20 billion loan na wamekataa kulipa. SBM wont take up that bad loan

If it indeed has been bought, this was bound to happen.

kwani ulipewa cheque ya 3k ya chase bank ika bounce

Only the ‘good’ ones of course

Si unilipe cash aki!

Kwani kuma haichukui deposits siku izi?

Are you really a "pleasure comfort entrepreneur"? :D:D:D



Come fill me up with your spunk!

hehehe, wueh! you must watch alot of porno! the nasty kind!

I still bank there. So anyone with “new news” alete.