Chase bank Kenya

After seeking your advice last week on the best savings bank locally, most guys recommended Chase bank and I opened a savings account with them on Monday. I was planning to even open a fixed deposit.

However on seeing so many complaints about them on buyer beware, i doubt i will even use the savings account.

You’ve already made the bed. Lie in it uone where it pinches. La sivyo wacha feelings na pang’ang’a utumie hiyo energy kutengeneza pesa ya kuweka kwa hiyo account.

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Please read the complaints on buyer beware so that you can comment

You didn’t get the gist of my comment ndugu.

You have options. Either use the a/c or close it. Kufikiria na kuruminate over comments doesn’t move you in either direction.


where are those comments? the site is so badly, finding something is impossible…weka link.

Most recent one Posted by Pamellah oduor on 5th June 2015 at 12:56 on buyer beware. I am unable to get the link

Start your own bank. That way you dont have to deal with all these substandard ones. [SIZE=6]SCHUPID![/SIZE]

I give up. We must be looking at different sites. Im looking at and the most recent comment is from May 19th.

Sorry its Buyer Beware- Kenya on Facebook

Geez!!! Facebook ???!!!