Charles Chepkwony - Chebusirinik (LP)

Chebusirinik was a hit song in the 70s. I was a wee lad then but I remember my older brothers cranking up the old Philips turntable on Saturday evenings. They had a big pot and they would put a big speaker on it…na kijiji yote inajaa inje!

We used to absolutely dance our hearts out till the wee hours! @Meria Mata @Mrs Shosho ebu sikia hio kibuchi

…umunyumu wa thinaa…embarambara wa thinaaa !!..

I especially loved the scratching and hissing sounds ya “sahani”

The rhythm guitar is awesome!

Hehehee Mike rua did a remix of it in Greek…
Crazy… Nikieweka admean atanitupa Siberia…

Usikubali !:D:D

This and Chemirocha.

Haha, kumbe ilikuwa kikale, I remember that sahani song from 80s. I could only hear wadina wabina, otherwise a truly danceable African classic

Niice…that has taken me baaaack

Actually its Kipsigis… a great number though, from way back

Never heard the song before.

Weka hardmin haelewi Greek.

This and many other old classics were what was known as Benga Beat. Did you that this song was so popular that apart from central, it was also a hit in the eastern region. For example, Kakai Kilonzo greatest hit Mwongeli is of the genre

Unachochwa hapa @muria.mboco :D:D Weka vitu! Msimu wa baridi umeisha bana

Kama iko Youtube weka tu

Baby its because you were born in 2003

:D:D Dont be too hard on the nugget dinosaur!