Characteristics of a K-Talker : A Psychoanalysis.

As has been exposed by @The.Black.Templar `s post “the_black_templer”, i have carried out a psychoanalysis of KTalkers based on their posts and general members info to come up with the following character traits of KTalk members.

1.) You all have issues from your childhood that destroyed your self confidence or at best dented your confidence.
2.)You are self concsious and worry about how other people percieve you.Now everybody suffers this but KTalkers even more because they grew up trying to be liked and trying to please.
3.)You have learned to block everybody that cares about you or would seem to care about you by enjoying the background.You would have been always a “back bencher” in school and in all social settings preferring to be “left alone”. You struggle with things like “chamas” or any social gatherings.
4.)You will at one time or another have suffered serious loneliness,anxiety or/and depression and you feel at home on social websites like KTalk where you cannot be seen therefore not judged which is your worst nightmare.
5.)Over the years,you have managed to push away friends and relatives with your character as you have become more unapproachable and with every passing day you become paranoid that people may be actually conspiring against you which feeds into your fears and paranoia.

If you can relate to any or all of the above,dont worry,you are not alone. We are the products of modern life where the basic guiding structures of Society,Culture and Religion have all but been abandoned.
It is up to people like you to build self confidence and the “new normal” as acceptable to society.And you can only do this by understanding that there are many people like you even though most are in denial and that there is nothing wrong with who you are.
-Kabuda (trained psychologist)[ATTACH=full]1569[/ATTACH]





This is a typical example of deranged KTalker living in a world of fantansy having convinced himself that he cannot form a normal relationship with a real woman and has resulted to pornographic material for companionship when he cannot afford to pay for sex with a real woman.
@uwesmake ,you need help.

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Too far fetched. …but hio story ya backbenchers ni ukweli


In my opinion, I was brought up i the best possible way a parent in my parent’s class would have done it. I got the necessary attention, education etc. And I still get attention even at my age(Not financial). Was never bullied by anyone(I would immediately get into a fight so others learnt never to attempt). So @Ka-Buda I think you are describing yourself and wish everyone is in your shoes. We will not answer in the affirmative.

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Ofcourse i may not be exactly describing you but as you can see above,some people can relate to what i am describing save for them being in denial.
Can i ask you when was the last time you met up with your friends/workmates for a drink outside work?When was the last time you invited friends/family over for a party?
If you can honestly answer that,then you will realise how much you have in common with all the loners like @uwesmake who would rather spend a weekend watching porn and KListing than get out and make natural human bonds.

I agree that some people might not be introverted but simply have a problem, or both. I go out with my friends. Only that they are the same old friends who have a more or less similar personality. We discuss topics of common interests. I attend events everywhere when I am invited because I dont like ignoring people. But I dont often host events myself except for when relatives just come over visiting and because my whole nuclear family consists of a girlfriend.

Alafu watu wa porn wanaendanga and Niliachana na hizo after growing out of the fascination with my new laptop after my first year at campus.

Majority of the people who frequently use internet forums for their entertainment are socially awkward. They could have chosen a face to face conversation with a stranger but they opted to have one over the internet due to their insecurities and lack social skills.

People living in denial because of childhood experience# stolen from Sigmund Freud

I agree they are sometimes socially awkward. But a good number of them are good at speeches or starting a conversation. I hear Obama is one “Unsociable” guy despite his speeches, keeping to himself. He also almost never speaks something he never intends to and never gets excited over anything.
Similarly, larry page, despite having to talk to thousands of his employees and executives is socially awkward, and not very approachable. I doubt these people are cases of extreme childhood abuse. They are just like that. Again, having been brought up in the same environment, why are we as siblings different?

hii ni yako, some of us were drawn in back here from the connections we made on klost while keeping it anonymous.

spend some time on reddit and you’ll realize it serves the same purpose as klost did and there’s tons of mature exchanges going on there.

this one has a kenyan touch to it

Same here. The kenyan touch brings me here.

I dont know why you are associating nurture with abuse.You may be a quiet and introverted character simply because you grew up alone in a big mansion and your parents left you to be raised by a housegirl who never spoke to you so there was no opportunity to learn any inter personal skills.
The way you were raised shouldn`t simply translate to abuse.

hii ni bash ya miss diva kurves nice

Stop copy pasting your problems to everyone here.
We may be socially awkward but we do not fit into your description.

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klost and now ktalk, was just a place where you can abuse somebody and they dont beat you down, . hii kabuda kawache kutuletea mashida zake kanaweza tuambukiza zenyewe

You are talking about antisocial people. A strong underlying genetic factor must be involved in coming up with an introvert. it is a combination of factors. But the genetic manifestation will always play a role. You can hardly supress an extrovert to become an introvert. he will rebel at some point. Similalry, conditioning can never change an introvert into an extrovert completely. That kind of character moulding has bee tried many times and has failed. Jiddu Krishnarmurti is an example of a failed attempt to mould character.

It all comes down to the fact that there is a significant portion of society that his introverted. That portion is what you might see on such forums as this. However, it doesnt however mean that some antisocial people didnt face problems in their lives.


What @Ka-Buda is describing is a part of the antisocial spectrum, and that includes what you @ol monk have said “Social anxiety disorder”