Chapo zimekaliwa


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Worshipping women at that level makes you their doormat kapsaa

that pic is offensive in so many levels.

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damn, PDA gone mad, this is too much bana eish

Si kuma imezubaisha watu?

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Hahaha she must be a Kiambu woman to have such power over her “man”

However, pengine the “romantic man” did something very awful and had to do this to appease the “goddess”

[li]He slept with her sister while she was delivering his fourth child[/li][li]He was caught in the act with her aunt when the baby was one month old[/li][li]He sold her wedding gown to finance a trip to coast with mpango wa kando and was discovered[/li][li]Maybe he did all of the above[/li][/ul]


Hii ni UMARAYA…kuabudu coomer

Am not hating but if ‘my love’ has such looks siwezi anika picha yake in public


@Ice_Cube plausible :D:D:D

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More like Nyeri

Kwani coomer yake iko na stairs na basement? upus. huyu jamaa haezi hanya.

Hahaha, she’s just marking her territory.

Maybe amenunuliwa hiyo prado, anapewa coomer na pesa…Itabidi atangaze msimamo.:wink:


Mnajuaje ni bibi ndo mdosi kwa hio marriage. Inaweza kuwa wife ni wadosi kwao na jamaa ni sufferah…hata hio gari ni bibi alibuy. I used to knw a chic frm a prominient central kenyan family who married a sufferah. Things were similar to this

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Looks to me kama its someone mourning the passing of someone they loved. Whatever the case that image is not adding any financial value to that Prado.

Makes most sense that she’s passed on. I have seen people write such messages on their back windows. They didn’t include the pictures though

This is anti stop hanya!

henpecked or cuckold?just say both

No. Chicks fall more for married guys nowadays…