Channels Receivable on Zuku Dish

Hellos. I have a Zuku dish that is not being used. Can I nab any useful channels with a dish of this size…

Zuku ni dish zingine zikiwa zinatumiwa kupakulia chakula.

vile @sitaki amesema

You can get movies from Nilesat-Hollywood mix , Dubai one HD,MBC2,MBC Action,Dabraka Action,

Remove the MBCs from that list…


Because a 60cm can’t nab MBCs, not unless you’re using post 90cm one or you’re near the equator…

dont say more achia hapo

Let me add something more, CC @CUrtiz a retransmission of MBC2 by IPeePee Media can be got on ABS 2A at 75°E

I have just realised there is a dish and decorder lying kwa nyumba pia.

Which size of a dish is it and which type of decoder?

Will confirm once am back home.


im using the zuku dish and itz getting it pretty clear

MBC 2?

I hope it’s not the one on the TP 12621V…?

Nope…just try to balance between 5w and 7w.the signal is very strong.ill update the transponders when i get home

Al MBC’s except MAX

Mine is balanced between 7W/8W, and another one between 5E/7E in Nairobi, what is your location?