Channel O TBT

[SIZE=5]1999 top hits on Channel O.[/SIZE]






[SIZE=5]And the absolute number 1 for obvious reasons:[/SIZE]

Lakini kama wewe ni mzee na uko na memory you must remember that French MCM was better than Channel O. :smiley:

Channel O walikuwa wanarepeat the same track every 5 minutes and mainly dwelt on RnB.

MCM was 100% fresh content in analogue HD. Na usiku ni dirty version.

Kabelo KB Ngakane.

Very annoying wouldn’t stop talking but a legend.



Kuna presenter alikua anaitwa miss candy alikua ananinimalisa

Channel O was on 24/7 if you had DSTV while MCM used to come up on was it KTN at 4pm and Late in the night.

the best thing is most/all the musicians are Black.
what really is our problem?
we was Kangz and shit

I liked the duo who presented Reggae. Always cool. Can’t remember their names though!

singekosa set it off kwaito ilikuwa noma

ilikua KTN ama that free upstart channel STV?

Kuna French rapper alikua kwa remix ya Missy ya All N my Grill mbaya sana

Hehehe Kabelo alikkua na ujinga mob sana… Umenikumbusha mbali sana

Stv it was… memory iko rusty… but I REM there was a video tape of full of MCM clips that was going from house to house in our hood, pamoja na za black comedies frsht prince, hanging with mr.cooper… good ol days…