Changing clutch

Vipi, I’m looking to have a new clutch kit (clutch,pressure plate,release bearing) fitted on my old model Pajero like the one in the pic. Talkers pls give me a rough estimate of how much the parts cost, and how much I should pay for labour. Thanks

@introvert and others

Talk to @introvert atakuuzia gari iko na clutch.Then you trade in your Mustrubishi.

@introvert he of the dirty hands clean money adage…kwa hivo akikuibia utaona uchafu kwa mfuko yako ujue umeperembwa

If you decide to use @introvert , please avoid the ultra violet and gamma rays that bounce off his Kipara.

Hi. If you’re serious I’ll send you to my big bro.
A master with Pajeros.
Estimate for spares I shall give you tomorrow.
Meanwhile, if your wire car is giving you problems, see me asap…


Poa I’ll wait… There’s a mech quoting 12k just for labor but I think he’s trying to take advantage…

If it’s the 4D56 a genuine clutch is 15k, pressure plate 12k and release bearing 5k.
Labour 6k.

Thanks a lot for this…

Kama kuna jina nimekuja kuhofya katika hii maisha ni hio umeweka bold.


So the mongerel guards against fake parts? How? By sniffing them out?

Omosh can sniff out anything less than a V8.
Kaa side yako.

Mujinga…engine natambua no three stroke na inakuwanga nyuma ya ‘vehicle’ propelling the contraption forward…

Wah, iyo bei ya clutch is a new plate ama ni kujaza? And the clutch plate is more expensive than the pressure plate? Kweli mostroboshi gharama
Aand, Bw Mech Sir, wouldn’t you advise them to change the flywheel too? Kama pressure plate kaput sanasana pia clutch plate imetafuna ikamaliza flywheel.
ION, lol, labor ya kuweka gear ya TATA 2516 tipper chini ni 6k too. I thought gari ndogo yafaa kuwa cheaper?

If it’s chipped some teeth or warped it is advisable to replace it.
Ni kazi mob. Torsion bars have to be removed to access it, hence the labour cost.

Athari za kuskuma tipper na tinga ndio ingurume