CHAN 2018

CAF has decided Kenya ill-equipped to host CHAN 2018. Some of the venues are still under construction.


Imekunywa majiii. Korrapshen will maliza sisi.

Did they have a backup host?

Morocco will host. Hapa the blame is on Jubilee plus Sauti sol


Ukora,Ufisadi + Ujinga na utoto wa mafans wa team zenye zinapigaga watu na mawe, zimefanya hiyo kitu itutoke hivyo

The political situation in the country was also wanting…

Too much politics is really bad for our country. Na zile 4 mbirrions Cabinet approved juzi for preparations zitaenda wapi.

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The minister should also take responsibility together with the government.


Morocco has been lobbying for hosting rights for quite some time.

Poor governance

Usiskike ukiuliza. Lakini si unakumbuka pahali pesa ya elnino ilienda?


Hiyo pesa utaskia ilienda kuprovide security for upcoming erections.

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Loudmouth Mwendwa si aresign

Mwendwa is not to blame, the person I feel is responsible is Wario.

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I was wondering, Bondostanis in Facebook were posting things similar to the ones after the debates about how Jubilee has lost votes.:D:D:D:D:D

Inverted priorities …

Wario is the most bogus CS. he has no track record of anything. bure kabisa


Scandal ya Rio???

Why did they have to refurbish Kinoru and Kipchoge Keino stadiums yet we have ready made stadiums In Msa,Ksm na machakos

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Unauliza jibu?kinoru Na kipkeino ziko jubilant