Champions league Draw

Naomba manchieth wapewe either Real, Barca au Bayern…bt knowing UEFA Real and man U will get weak ass teams.

Wadau what matchaps would you like to see picked up in the draw?

they’ll use warm and cold balls to do the draw.

either real or bayern…barcelona walikuwa number 1 kwa group yao

Real inaweza chapwa na Man shieth.


Here we are

chelsea vs barcelona …njesus!!

Chelsea vs Barcelona …waaah


Barca yet to beat Chelsea in last 7 clashes

Messi yet to score against Chelsea after 8 meetings
I see city going all the way

Real Psg is a great one

City is the team… can’t see anyone beating them.

def…and they have a good draw

Somewhere in this country @uwesmake is still waiting for europa league draw.

Fvck city & their fan boys…,chelsea & spurs are definitely out

February kutakuwa kumewaka moto. Chelsea waanze kupack mapema tu. Barcelona si team ya utoto kama chelsea na morata wao.

Mtashangaa tukitoa barcelona .Watch this space

Messi atashine na cahill & co story ya ballon lazima ampite cr7…

Maybe Suarez…when it comes to Chelsea Messi usually has a mental lock…yes, they will eliminate us but messi wont be the main antagonist

There a comes a time…