Chairman of Kenya Coast Tourism Association IS VERY ANGRY with @FlyJamboJet

To Jambo Jet
Firstly we appreciate that you serve Kenya Coast which is really not a privilege, you offer service and you get paid for it. Secondly you get preferential treatment hence other carriers do not easily get a licence to do the local route.

Fair enough we can live with that but what we cannot accept is when you choose to sell tickets Nbi Ukunda or Nbi Malindi you delay a flight for hours only to dump your passengers in Mombasa.
I am sorry that is totally unacceptable, if it was a one off we understand these things do happen but it is now becoming more of the rule than an exception.

Why would you sell more tickets than you can handle then you take a bigger aircraft that cannot land in Ukunda. Passengers heading to Ukunda chose a direct flight to avoid the pain at the ferry and you go ahead to subject them to the same pain again without any qualms.

The same applies to Malindi , KQ your parent company gave you this route on a silver platter , you guys have left a real fine mess . Malindi/Watamu which was already in deep trouble is facing more trouble since willing guests cannot find their way to these beautiful resorts . I was in Malindi two days ago and I saw it for myself, cancellation because would be guests could not fly in.

Why don’t you just sell what you can handle instead of giving a false promise of landing in Ukunda or Malindi only to land in Mombasa. In business that is deception and it creates a terrible negative vibe besides some passengers may opt to sue you. Please we want you to focus on flying rather than fighting cases.
I am writing this on behalf of all the tourism stakeholders at the coast and let me tell you we are not a happy lot. I hope you know how much damage you are doing to domestic tourism that we fought so hard to build over the last 10 years

To KCAA, we have 30,000 + beds to fill, we have 100,000 Kenyans who earn both directly and indirectly from tourism at the Kenya Coast. As a regulator why do you allow such sloppy service? Your equal on matters communication give mobile telephone companies sleepless nights for drop calls and other mundane stuff while you guys sit pretty when holidays are messed up , connecting flight to international flights are all messed. You have a duty and a role to play. Take action .

To Jambojet we appreciate you have moved numbers for Diani but a simple rule sell only what you can handle . Taking passengers to Mombasa then by road to either Ukunda or Malindi is totally unacceptable. If they wanted to go by road they certainly don’t need your help. As KCTA we shall officially make our case known.
If local airlines are not able to run the show we have many fine reliable international guys who can happily serve these domestic routes after all as hoteliers we have so many international hotels in town. Why should an airline be treated any different. Those same international airlines will employ Kenyans they don’t bring guys from Siberia while all the empty hotel beds at the coast will be full. I just don’t get it.

Jambojet team serious wakeup call is needed.
Please can you ensure the remaining flights are all on schedule and please land at the right airport. I can’t promise you fish and I serve you chicken and claim that it is still white meat.
As always a I choose to remain an optimist

To everyone who chose Kenya Coast we say Asante Sana. As hoteliers we will make it up and please try to have some fun.

Happy Holidays
Mohammed Hersi
Kenya Coast Tourism Association formerly MCTA


cc: @Malaika Firth

Huyo jamaa hata afadhali afunge Tu mdomo. Hajui hata kenye anasema

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Ongezea yale unayoyajua mkubwa. Else, we only have his word to go by.


Im sure niko kwa hiyo picha…yesterday the family and I were to catch a flight to Ukunda from JKIA at 2:30pm. We were at the airport by 12:30pm because we know how jambo jet like to bump you off the flight if you are so much as 5mins late. At 2:00pm they announce that the flight is delayed because of a “technical problem” and we shall be leaving at 5:00pm.
So we wait…at 4:40, they announce that the flight to Ukunda has been cancelled, but they will fly guys to Mombasa then shuttle them to Ukunda. People were visibly upset but what to do? take what you are offered. So at 5:00pm we board the plane. Then the pilot announces that they wont fly to Mombasa but straight to Ukunda. There were claps and cheers of jubilation like he had just give babuon a RKO and told him he wirro neffa mbee…

anyway, the flight is to be at 1hr 20mins long and we take off around 5:20pm…30mins into the flight, the pilot comes back on over the intercom and tells us that because the sunset would be at 6:20pm and the Ukunda airstrip doesnt have lights, he is taking us to Mombasa. Guys were livid! It was as if babuon had chomoad one of these:

so we wound up getting to Mombasa, at 6:30, then the shuttle takes us to ukunda…I didnt reach the birrionea beach house till 10:30pm.

that Hersi fellow was also among the guys inconvenienced by the flights yesterday, so he is understandably upset


Pole sana boss, how long did it take to close the Likoni channel

Just like commuters at bus stations are inconvenienced during holidays,so are airlines. That hersi ought to know better. We are not complaining tukipata all hotels are booked. He should be apologizing also for hotels that inconvenience us on xmass

well actually we were very lucky it was a very short time. it was like 8pm when we got to the ferry there wasnt much traffic surprisingly. Maybe coz it was a holiday or something.

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The difference is that, people book flights well in advance for holidays. Like our flights were booked as far back as June. So airlines know exactly how many people will be travelling during that period. They need to make adjustments accordingly. Not keep the one plane they have during the low season and hope it will be enough to service everyone.


Hehehehe, hii naye…


us peasants can’t relate…

Wewe na safari za ndege ni kama @Wakanyama na @Jazzman


Hehehehe, Totally.


Once the Airheads kept me waiting from 11am to 4.30 to catch a flight home for weekend. Shitty airline


Mediocrity at it’s best. There has been a flight delay every single time I’ve flown with Jambo jet. There was even a time they let us board a plane and wait for about 20mins before we were informed to alight as the plane was having an oil leak.


What you don’t know is that Jambo is a low cost flyier when booked in advance. As such you must abide by T%C. You don’t expect you paid 2k in June and come December and they have a hitch or delay,to go out of their way and lease say a KQ aeroplane juu ya your 2k. Kwani what business will they be doing? Ni unangoja pore pore umelalia bag hapo terminal Uki browse. Cheap is expensive


Does KQ fly to diani?

It doesn’t. But that can’t stop it from leasing air Kenya and fly its pax. But Diani closes at 6pm. So being dropped at Mombasa makes sense.


Who runs a business like that?

Low cost flyers