Cess Mutungi

Alihamia shannelo gani?
This hot mama was totally meant for radio.
Truly miss her husky voice and hearty laughter.
#Ferkkirubey for messing up Capiro FM.
Now I keep flipping stations coz all of them are just crappy.

same here…nilijaribu xfm kidogo though

Hio ni classic FM without adverts. Same songs, news and updates. It’s just like listening to Kagayni.

though playlist yao ni tofauti

She has a develish laugh like kabuda…

I love it. She seems like she can be great company.

Wacha umeffi x was dope am still surprised you are talking about it months after it went off air and replaced with some lovey dovey shit

ohh…i thought ni vile nilihamia suburb waves zikahepa…kumbe ilifungwa…

Get me clear, ngui.
I said what replaced xfm is crap. Gerrit?

Then you should have called it by its name smooth FM!

i have a thing fo ssuch laughter…especially from a feminine vocal cords

It’s smooth FM yes, but just by name. Listen to that station and you will realize it’s Classic FM in disguise.



You have to move on,local radio is filled with mediocre broadcasters who constantly regurgitate the same boring topics.

Hizi siku kapiroo imeshukisha standards :(:(:frowning:

Kuna rumours some managers have been defrauding the station due to CK’s illness. Things are not good over there.

Stupid Kenyans killing a good brand sorry once was

Mod ngurumisha Bajaj bila kusumbua kijiji

The only thing that I ever listened to on radio is “sundowner”. :))