Ceros sander which one?

I need advice on which one to buy 125mm or 150mm with and what is the orbital option?

My background is a General artist and decorator, and I’ve been using the Mirka Abranet manual system for a while now, and I’ve decided to upgrade my game to the Ceros system.

Can you get a hero without a transformer or is it Deros?

Does the transformer interfere?

Why only Ceros? There are other good sanders.

I agree, Ceros sanders are good, but they’re not the best ones available. We all know that Makita is making the best tools available, and it is the same with orbital Sanders. You can check out www.bestorbitalsander.com and read it for yourself. In that review they say that Makita sander has been winning the best sander award for 3 years in a row. I agree with the thing that they say, it is the best sander that I have ever had, and it is easy for me to recommend it to others. Even its price is good when you know that it’s that good.

I would choose a 150mm, random orbital, mains powered:; which most likely would be the [SIZE=4]Mirka DEROS 625CV 150mm Central Vacuum Orbit 2.5.
A bigger disc gets the work done faster and is more economical, and not having to tag along a transformer makes life easier.[/SIZE]

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