Centum is going big

Centum Investment is the most aggressive listed investment company on the NSE. Its rate of expansion has been very high since CEO James Mworia took over. Chris Kirubi is its board chairman and a major shareholder owning over 26% of the company.So what are some of its upcoming projects?

1. Two Rivers Real Estate Development
This is a real estate project on 100 acres of land. The project is worth sh30 billion. In it there is a high end shopping mall which is situated at Runda Estate. Its size is the same as four football fields. One thing that will stand out about it will be automation of services. Big brands such as Carrefour have already booked space in the mall.

2. ICT
Centum is also going big on ICT. This is by acquisition of a provider of information technology solutions.

3. Consumer goods
Centum indirectly produces one in every two of beverage giant Coca-Cola’s products. The firm had spent sh442 million in buying out small investors in Rift Valley, Mount Kenya and Kisii bottlers. 42 percent of Almasi Beverages is owned by the firm.

4. Genesis Kenya Investment Management Ltd
This is a firm which manages sh116 billion worth of assets and cash for both Kenyan and international clients. It owns 73.35 percent so it gets to say what they do with the money.

5. K-Rep Bank
Centum plans to increase its current 1.5 percent shareholding in K-Rep Bank to a controlling stake of 66 percent. This gives it a foot in the lucrative commercial banking sector. K-Rep registered an 84 percent growth in profit to sit at sh360 million despite it controlling 0.5 percent market share.

6. Rea Vipingo
This is a land rich company in both Kenya and Tanzania, around over 70,000 acres. It is currently owned by British brothers Richard and Jeremy Robinow who want to buyout the rest of the shareholders. A bidding war resulted.

7. Coal Power Tender
This is currently one of their latest ventures. The energy ministry invited bidders to bid one a sh174 billion coal plant tender which is expected to produce 960 megawatts of power. The deal is going to be done in conjunction with Gulf Energy. Centum planned to finance the deal through $500 million equity and $1.5 billion debt. Coal will be first imported then later use raw materials from Kitui’s Mui coal basin.

Mr. Kirubi si ako mahali saa hii anafurahia…